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With Game-Stop selling the Xbox original at €20 a pop why not set yourself up with the ultimate home media centre system aka XBMC for free, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it, you also of course are able to use it as a gaming system too if you ever get time after watching all the stuff you have

I've put together this guide which I hope you might find useful.
This should work for every Xbox original, it doesn't matter what version it is.

Warning: This will invalidate you warranty!!, messing about with electrical goods is dangerous, do not try this unless you are sure you know what your doing!!
If you kill your Xbox I ain't taking the blame baby, its your choice!!

Ok first of all here's a check list of stuff you need for this project :-

1) Xbox original (doh!)
2) Pc with IDE hdd connections
3) Torx 20 screwdriver
4) Blank cd and burner
5) Ndure-3.1.rar - get it from Xbins using Auto Xbins - browse to /XBOX/Console Based Applications/exploits/_Packages/Kingroachs Installer/
6) - Get it from here
7) Iso Recorder - download it here
8) Latest T3ch build of XBMC - here - XBMC 8.10 Final - Atlantis Build. Fill in the verification box to download
9) An ftp browser, I like Filezilla
10) Slight update, I've noticed the last few Xbox's I've done with this method there has been issues because the console hasn't been on the latest, or Live-Enabled dashboard. It might alleviate potential problems if you use a later era game, & use the XBL settings to Live-Enable the console if not already done, & then proceed with the mod [EnterNow]

Ok lets get started.

1) Unpack the ndure,xboxhdm and xbmc files and install Iso Recorder.

2) Fire up the Xbox and got to Settings > System Info and find out what kernel your box is running (the line starting with K:X.XX...) :-

My Xbox is running kernel 5101

3) Now run Ndure, check everything except in the kernel selection box - make sure to select the correct version you noted down in the previous step.

When the wizard prompts you where to save to, choose the xboxhdm\linux folder you unpacked in step one above.

4) Now copy the ndure.txt file attached to this post to \xboxhdm\linux\ndure and remove the extension, just should be called "ndure", delete the ndure.htm file in there.

5) Go to the main xboxhdm folder and double click make-iso-win.bat and wait for it to do its thing. When its done you should have a new linux.iso file in you xboxhdm folder. If you installed Iso recorder earlier all you need to do is just double click it and burn.

Ok, now for the fun stuff,

6) Copy a music track to the Xbox hard drive and remove the cd and switch off the Xbox

7) Take off the cover making sure to remove all 6 screws, if its very tight you didn't remove all six!

Unscrew the hdd holder (underneath the ide cable) and unscrew the drive.

8) Boot the Xbox up and start playing the track you recorded to the hdd earlier and then press pause (also make sure there is no cd/dvd in the Xbox dvd drive) . This unlocks the hard drive and is essential.

9) Boot the pc up off the cd you burned earlier, when you get to the screen below disconnect the ide cable from the Xbox to its hdd and connect the pc ide cable to it (must be connected to the end of the cable).

***IMPORTANT*** - The Xbox hard drive MUST be connected to the primary ide cable at the end otherwise it wont be seen by xboxhdm (cd rom on the secondary ide cable)


Now select option 1, if it complains about resolution, ignore it and hit the spacebar to continue.

Now type xbrowser

All going well you should see the screen below (sorry for poor quality)

Choose ndure, hit enter and select ndure on the next screen too.

Choose option 1 to install ndure.
It will complain that no backup was done and will then backup the existing hdd image and then will copy over the ndure files.
This takes about 5-10 minutes and nothing happens on the screen. Go get a cup of coffee and wait for it to say its finished.

10) Connect the hdd back to the xbox ide cable and power it off.
Power it back on, all going well you'll get the standard Xbox boot screen followed by UnleashX.

If you got this far, time to get excited, the end is in sight!!
Note : the power light goes orange in modded boot. If you press the eject button when its off it will boot to the standard Xbox screen, pretty cool eh ?
Note the IP address on the bottom left of the screen.

11) Ok now to put XBMC on there, you have two choices, either install it as an application in Unleash X or to install it so it boots directly to XMBC itself, probably the most common choice.

Fireup your ftp browser and go to the Xbox IP using user : pass as xbox:xbox and port 21.

If you want to install XBMC as an app in UnleashX copy the entire contents of the XMBC folder you unpacked earlier to e:\apps

If you want the Xbox to boot straight to XMBC (preferred by most) just copy the entire contents of the XMBC folder to e:\dash (good idea to back up the files there in case something goes wrong) choosing yes to any overwrite prompts.

Ok, now for the moment of truth.............

Power off the Xbox and reboot..if you see the image below...have fun - you just got the best media centre money can buy..for the princely sum of 20 yoyo's!!

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rosboy Registered User


o1s1n Registered User

Fantastic guide! Really does make it sound easy enough.

Supercell Happy :)

Thanks o1s1n, its nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be initially.
XBMC really is incredible, I cannot imagine not having it now, it really is that good and at 20 euro, you've nothing to loose by installing it.

Tazer Registered User

Can this play games from the HDD?

Supercell Happy :)

If you have a very old version (4XXX) of the dash then this softmod may not work.

My dash is 5960

If it is very old, then you can update it by either playing one of the later Xbox 1 games or by playing online , either will auto update your dash.

4034 dash is known not to work at all with this softmod so MUST be updated.

Here's a few screen caps from the box I modded today (see for how to make a screen cap and other stuff)

Homepage while stuff is playing

What shall I listen to next..

Maybe I'll watch a film..

Or maybe a TV Show..

Whats the weather forecast?

When playing music I can have some pretty cool visual effects

Most formats are supported

Supercell Happy :)

Tazer said:
Can this play games from the HDD?

Erm, that would be an ecumenical question...


well i would recommend connecting the chassis ox the xbox to the pc chassis by somthing metal or else you could have a lot of static floating around. also one some machines this just wont work in my experience, might try it again though even though ive already bought splinter cell and hacked myself action replay
ive seen it work with a 3.5 inch ide enclosure before


great post man , i still have two xbox's in the house and i might give this a try on one of them.

vibe666 Registered User

XBMC is possibly the greatest example of what is possible when enough geeks get together to work on something for the benefit of all.

it will play ANYTHING you throw at it (except HD video, the CPU and memory aren't quite up to it) and oddly enough kvcd's due to a slight incompatability with the media player, but aside from that, anything goes.

connect it to your home network and quite literally the world is your oyster. I don't know anyone who has one who would go back to using anything else.

Add to that the component video cables you can get on ebay and you can set XBMC to NTSC mode and up the video resolution of the GUI to 1080i and it will even upscale DVD's and DivX's to that too, you just can't beat it, and for 20 notes, why on earth would you?

conzy Registered User

Holy crap awesome guide!

I have an orginal xbox with a busted dvd drive and no controllers....

Is there anyway I could make this work? The controller ports are usb right? so i could wire a usb socket onto one of them?

Maybe I will just buy a more working xbox But it would be nice to make this one work...

ongarite Registered User

Super guide Longfield. Good to see many people using the ole XBOX with XBMC.

Edit: A mis-read of the thanks system can make it read very different!!

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Supercell Happy :)

If you have music on the Xbox hdd then yep you could install XBMC on there no probs, you could pick up an xbox remote for a tenner from Game-Stop I think.

Tbh, I never use the remote I have, the normal gamepad can do so much stuff in XBMC I prefer to use it instead.

That said for €20 I'd just keep your current one for spairs and buy one from Game-Stop, you won't regret the purchase for one second once you get XBMC on there

Supercell Happy :)

ongarite said:
Super guide Longfield. Good to see many people using the ole XBOX with XBMC.

Edit: A mis-read of the thanks system can make it read very different!!

Thank YOU, here have a thanks thing from me!, you helped me a lot with the first Xbox I modded.


i have the same thing to say about ongarite

although i couldnt make the hotswap work on my last xbox (which i then broke trying to install a modchip and ongarite saved me)

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