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How do you catch a live magpie or grey crow to put into the traps?

meathstevie Registered User

Try eggs in a "nest" as bait in the trap. PM sent

pestshooter7 Registered User

Yea eggs in a nest with a plastis decoy in the trap and place it in a known magpie hotspot!

bitemybanger Registered User

Cheera lads. Do i have to cammo the trap? use normal eggs(Or free range) and would it be better to use a caller or just leave overnight?

meathstevie Registered User

Deffo no camo. Place your trap as visible as possible without attracting the wrong sort of attention. I reckon your best chance for succes is to leave it out late in the evening in an area that's fairly undisturbed during early morning ( foraging time ).


Out of curiosity do many object to Larsen traps?

Would you ever get a pigeon or crow in it.

Tackleberry. Registered User

bitemybanger said:
Cheera lads. Do i have to cammo the trap? use normal eggs(Or free range) and would it be better to use a caller or just leave overnight?

don't camo or hide the trap the more open you leave it the better, but be warned they get robbed and broke up by anti hunting nuts, I’m running two traps right now doing ok have a fox calling round now and then has killed two birds on me which were caught in the trap, the call bird is untouched as yet hoping the fox will be in the trap some morning, but to get started i throw bread and dog nuts into the Larsen which is set you'll get a crow of some sorts start with him usually get a grey next for some reason then a magpie I’ll swap the grey out then and put the magpie calling, I’ll always try to keep a call bird alive in a keep box as the bad weather can have you starting over and over again. there's a gang of us using Larsen’s and sort each other out at times for call birds try the local gun club some near you will be running a trap, the call bird needs feeding every day i give dog nuts and also water a good bowel these trap are ran under a licence your club may have applied for one don't think the NARGC have a blanket cover this year for clubs they had in the past. Hope this helps


bitemybanger said:
How do you catch a live magpie or grey crow to put into the traps?

Bait such as eggs works well ,more so when eggs are actually available
to nest robbers, if your targetting magpies then the best decoy bird is a crow as the crow dominates the magpie in the wild pushing them off their territories, the reverse rarely works,magpie decoys hardly bring crows in to the trap.remember to have a few broken eggs ,and use cling film to hold yolk in the nest, also make the nest appear if it has been half robbed , good luck

foxhunter Registered User

Last year i caught a rat in my trap ,he climbed in to try and get at the decoy's food but he made a fatal mistake of sticking his head through the wire where the bird was.
Low and behold Mr pie picked a hole in his head it was like someone drilled it with a 10mm drill bit.

cavan shooter Registered User

I find the best way to mags and greys is to go down to the butchers and get some scraps, put them ontop of and in the trap

bitemybanger Registered User

Cheers for all the info lads, I set up the trap today with 3 eggs, one broken with internals open to view in a nest of straw. ill check it in the morning.
The trap is set quite close to the phesant pens in my local GC to which i am a new member was up there all day helping the lads do a spring clean.
I also set 3 rat traps as there are lots of them around the pens.
Ill let you know i get on tomorrow

bitemybanger Registered User

Well, checked all the traps this morning, 4 rats in 3 traps and a grey crow in the larsen, should i use this as my bait bird or will i set again til i get a magpie?

Invincible Registered User

If at all possible,you should stay away from the larsen trap during daylight hours,reason being,if you've caught in both compartments,there may be other birds in the area,watching the commotion in the trap,if they see you at the trap,dispatching their sort,they'll be wary of ever going near the trap(this is advice from the head gamekeeper on Ballinacor estate in Wicklow).I've caught greys to a mag callbird,but only ever caught greys to a grey callbird,reason being greycrow is dominant in territory.

bitemybanger Registered User

Cheers for that.
should i regulary move the trap? and where is the best position in a field for one,along a ditch??? should it be off the ground?

Invincible Registered User

If you think you have the birds in the trap's area eliminated,move the trap to another territory,if you had a second trap you could swap callbirds from one area to another,saving the need of moving trap so often.If it's a top entry trap,if you place it under a tree,it'll give the birds a perch to view the trap from,before they drop into it,the side entry works best in an open area,as they'll be less cautious of it in such a position.

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