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Lidl are doing a special next week, its 149 euro, does anyone have any idea how good this is? Or any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

brightkane Brightane

also interested and looking for opinions please


Qwerty? Registered User

I got one a few years ago in Lidl I think, (might have been Aldi) and I have to say its fantastic. It seemed to be the same as a Karcher model back then.

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Wizard Registered User

i got one of these 2 years ago,
has been spot on for me and used quite a bit,
mine was made by karcher and will accept all karcher accessories,
well worth the money if still the karcher model

Do-more Registered User

The Lidl one is a Lavor. The Aldi one is produced by Karcher and accepts all Karcher fittings.

DurtyMurty Registered User

It's a very good washer for the price - great cleaning power without any significant lance recoil thanks to it's "roto lance" head. You can almost hold it singlehandedly.

I think it was even a bit cheaper when I bought it 2 yrs ago

Watch out for three things

1. It has a powerful 2.5 kw motor - about as much as you can have in single phase. It will get damaged if you use it on the end of a poor quality extension lead. If using an extension, keep the lead as short as possible, as heavy as possible and ensure it has a goood quality socket at the end. Otherwise the socket and plug will overheat, you will have voltage drop and risk overheating the motor. Best of all avoid extension leads if possible

2 - Pressure washer hose is a bit flimsy - couldn't be any different at the price Take care not to kink it when unwinding and likewise take care not to scrape off the outer black plastic when winding up

3 - Don't store the lance in the bracket on the left as shown in the photo. The bracket will break off and, as it is used to keep the front and back together, your power washer will begin to fall apart. Use one of the receptors at the back instead

Also. Be careful with the rotolance on paintwork. It will strip loose paint

Esel Not your ornery onager

Any more opinions on the Aldi versus Lidl washer?

Lidl still have a few at €150. Aldi have one tomorrow Sunday at €120. Does not seem to be as powerful or have as many accessories though.

I want to get one or the other, price is not a consideration.

euroquipe Registered User

My company www.euroquipe.ie is the official agent for the Lavor range of domestic pressure washers in Ireland. We have also been contracted by Lavor to provide technical support for the Superwash 160 sold through Lidl. I guess we are a bit biased but our opinion would be that it is great value for money and for Eur149 anybody who buys one cannot really go wrong. DurtyMurty has hit the nail on the head with his warnings (re: extension leads and hose). Follow the advice he gives and you should not have too many problems. The key point is, it's a domestic machince and it needs to be shown a bit of respect. If you need it for genuine domestic applications, then my advice would be to go out and buy one. If you need it for industrial applications then it's not the correct unit. If you do buy one, keep the receipt as it carries a very good courier collect warranty. This warranty applies to the complete Lavor range we sell and I am not aware of anybody else offering the same level of service (although I am open to correction if somebody comes across it elsewhere).

deadl0ck Registered User

Just bought the Lavor one in Lidl (Last one in Leixlip)

Thanks for the heads up and all the info guys !!

Esel Not your ornery onager

After doing a bit of googling, I bought the one in Aldi for €120 as well as the 'hover' attachment' for better cleaning of paths, tiles, decking (and walls!) for €40. Total €160, compared with €150 for the Lidl one.

The Aldi unit is 2.1Kw (compared to 2.5Kw for the Lidl), and is rated at 120bar (max 150bar).

JohnCleary Registered User

I can't remember if it was Lidl or Aldi where I bought my one but with a 3 year warranty can't go wrong

Even if it only lasted the 3 years, I paid 120euro, thats 40 a year.... it'll have sserved its purpose

I sometimes lend it to people to clean their boats etc. and they cant believe it when I tell them I paid less than 150euro for it

Only thing that went a-wall on me is one of the wheels keeps falling off, nothing a clip wont fix

Overall i'm chuffed with it for the price

euroquipe Registered User

It looks like Lidl are offering the Lavor Superwash 160 again on July 24th. I saw it advertised outside my local Lidl on Thursday night. The price seems to be €139.95.

suppafly Registered User

they had the Aldi one there a few weeks ago too. don't remember the price though

yknaa Registered User

A great purchase. Well worth the cash. Use it to clean the car and also
used the 'turbo' extension to clean the driveway. Not sure if it can be used on decking?

klingklang Registered User

yknaa said:
Not sure if it can be used on decking?

Works brilliantly on decking even with the non-turbo attachment. The power kept cutting out after a minute or so of use using the turbo nozzle but I put it down to the old school fusebox in the house?

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