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I am looking to find out if anyone is aware of any traditional foods eaten on Palm Sunday? I am not from a religious background so I haven't a clue, and google is no help. But I am preparing a Palm Sunday reflection and would like to involve food ...if there is anything traditional that could be appropriately included?

All ideas welcome - in fact I am open to creating new traditions if the symbolism fits.



mildews Registered User

Not sure about Palm Sunday but traditional easter fayre includes Rabbit and Lamb. Not together, usually separate.

Dizzyblonde Whirling dervish

Things like dates and olives would seem appropriate.


Thanks lads...

Dizzyblonde, why do you suggest olives and dates? Because they were food of the region in Jesus' time? Or are they traditionally eaten?

I baked a simnel cake today, and bought pretzels, which are traditional lenten food apparently, if not directly Palm Sunday-type food.

Any more suggestions welcome, I still have 24 hours.

Dizzyblonde Whirling dervish

I thought of dates because they grow on a palm, and olives - yes, because they're of the region. Flat bread would probably be suitable too since unleavened bread is a Lenten food.. I think the reason there isn't traditional Palm Sunday food is because of Lent - it certainly wouldn't involve meat or fish, for instance.
Hummus is also a middle-eastern food, maybe you could serve flatbread with hummus and an olive dip - with dates and simnel cake after?
I love the concept of this and I hope it goes really well for you.


I didn't know dates were the fruit of the palm tree, duh. Thanks Dizzyblonde, I really appreciate your advice on this - I'll be including olives and dates too so. Cheers!

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