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I have a projector that with it's mount, weighs about 3KG. There is only one place I can put it because of the way the wall is in my place and yup, there is no joist where I want to put it.

On the part of the mount you screw to the ceiling, there is a screw hole at each corner and one in between


The drywall is 20mm thick so I'm wondering, would this be enough to hold the lot in place and not have to worry about it caving through or what are my options? It's rented accomm so I can't go crazy. Maybe extend a flat piece of wood from one joist to another covering this area?

Any feedback appreciated

Cmar-Ireland Registered User

Can you access the space above? If yes, then just get a sheet of MDF or similar and use that to spread the load.
You could also get toggle screws to spread the load on the ceiling. I got one that match the threaded mounting points on my projector. I've had various one mounted this way for 5-6 years with no issues.
I used threaded bar attached to some metal channel spread across two joists to hang my projector screen.

cormie Registered User

Can't access the space above I'm afraid. A neighbours floor is above my ceiling, he is my friend but it's rented too so I can't go crazy there either

What way do the toggle screws work? Once you push them up through the ceiling they expand is it? Would thsi mean much bigger holes in the ceiling when I take them out? Would drywall screws direct into the 6 mounting holes not be sufficient do you think?

fred funk }{ Registered User

Get a long piece of wood, screw it onto the ceiling where the joists are either side of the projector site. Then screw your projector into the wood.

cormie Registered User

I've attached the bracket of the mount to the wall with 6 of these:

And have two 2.3KG weights in a plastic bag hanging with a coat hanger from the bracket

It's been hanging for about 2 hours now with no movement. The projector and mount is only about 3KG so it will be even lighter when it's attached so hopefully it wont ever give way...

mossym Moderator

if you have the screw hanging fromthe wall with the weights on it, that doesn't mean the same will apply on the ceiling. from the wall the forsce is at right angle to teh screw, so lots of support, in the ceiling the force is pulling the screw back out. fred funks idea is probably best. my projector is on the ceiling, bt i got the builder to put up a solid sheet of board under the plasterboard for me to screw into.

cormie Registered User

Sorry, in my post above, I meant to say I attached the weights with the bracket to the ceiling. So I was testing the tension and not the shear pull. So exactly the same as it would be with the projector, only the projector is lighter

Glad to say I'm actually looking at my wall typing this on a projected image. So it's holding it fine. It looks as sturdy as when I just had the bracket attached so I don't think it's going anywhere.

The projected image I'm getting is 65" diagonal but the far right hand side is 15mm shorter than the left. The bracket would need to be moved a slight fraction to fix this to get the correct angle, but I don't think that's possible now. Ah well. Isn't too noticeable.

mossym Moderator

aye, i had the same problem, had to move mine to the left. did you center up the middle of the projector or the middle ofthe lamp, that was my mistake

cormie Registered User

Didn't really centre anything properly to be honest. The way my wall is means you can really only have it in one spot in the hole room. I'll actually be able to fix it without moving the bracket on the ceiling I think, I should just be able to adjust the screws where the mount meets the projector hopefully

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