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So I've heard about this Pub Crawl along baggot street and back the other side called the bagot mile... I was just wondering what way to go about it?

Which end to start at? And any pubs to skip? or are all the pubs we encounter included?

We are expecting about 12 pubs.. is that every pub on the street?

Thanks a mill for any insight...


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I've done a bit of research into this, and here's a list of pubs, starting around the southeast end of Baggot Street Upper, and ending at the west end of Baggot Street Lower (on St. Stephen's Green, give or take).

1. The Den (Downstairs in the Lansdowne Hotel, which is actually on Pembroke Road, just beyond the east end of Baggot Street Upper, but is generally the starting point for this pub crawl it seems)
2. Searsons (Upper Baggot St)
3. The Waterloo (Upper Baggot St)
4. The Wellington (Upper Baggot St)
5. The 51 (On Haddington Road, which is where Upper Baggot St crosses the canal and becomes Lower Baggot St)
6. The Baggot Inn (Lower Baggot St)
7. Henry Grattans (Lower Baggot St)
8. Larry Murphys (Lower Baggot St)
9. Maguires (Lower Baggot St)
10. James Toners (Lower Baggot St)
11. Doheny and Nesbitt (Lower Baggot St)
12. The Pembroke (Pembroke Street)

That would seem to be the 'official' 12. If you're still feeling thirsty, you could add:

13. O'Donoghues (Merrion Row - the trad music place)
14. Foley's (Merrion Row)
15. The Horseshoe Bar, Shelbourne Hotel (St. Stephen's Green)

Happy drinking.

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Already open in another thread.

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