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Ok ill try to explain this the best i can.
I have 2mb eircom broadband in the house and we have the netopia 2247 modem/router. Now in my bedroom i have run a long ethernet cable through the attic and connected it to my pc and everything works fine.

But heres my question, the wireless signal to my bedroom is not good and browsing the internet on my iphone and laptop is fairly slow.
Now ive come up with a solution to this, i found a Belkin Wireless G router which i used when we had clearwire.
So i put it in my bedroom and and took the ethernet cable from my xbox360 into put it into the router - and without doing any software installs etc it works perfectly and the wireless signal is now perfect.

But here is the problem, the wireless network is unsecured and im having trouble getting around this problem. I installed the software from the belkin website:
but i am unable to get onto the 192 etc page to set up security. Anyone have any ideas on how to get around this?


if you cant get the router homepage and your using windows open the command prompt via run on the start menu.

start>run type cmd and press enter
then type ipconfig and press enter
This should return the default gateway of the router.

it's likely to be or unless you changed it.
If your asked for a password and you've forgotten it you will need to reset the router if it has a reset switch. Usually a small hole at the back.

Good luck.

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