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Someone (not me!) left a plant sitting on an oak veneer table top.

They didn't put a water tray under the plant pot.

Now, there is a circular stain left by the water seeping through the earth in the plant. The stain is dark, almost black, in colour. The oak veneer is mid-brown in colour.

Sanding really isn't an option since the stain looks quite deep and the veneer is only 3mm.

What are my options?

If I was to colour that area to match the surrounding wood, what would I use? (Presumably, any wood stain wouldn't work because it's clear/translucent. Right?)

Many thanks.


kevqcs Registered User

you can buy stain remover in most hard ware , if that dont work try
coloron ring remover with 1000 grade steel wool, worked for me


try Oxalic acid

theres a Bostik owned product called Wood-mans Woodwash, I use it a lot to clean timber, never tried it on veneer tho

secman Registered User

This method definitely works. Get a clean white cotton cloth, maybe a bed sheet. Place over the stained area and using an iron on medium heat , simply iron the area. Our son left damp clothes from the clothes line on the table last autumn and for approx 4 months we were looking at this whitish stain on the table top. My daughter came accross this and suggested it last monday. Missus applied the iron and got a fright at one stage as she could see the iron marks, but they cleared up and the stains are gone too. Definitely works. Ours is an oak veneer table too. Start on a medium heat and if it doesn't works gradually increase the heat on iron, thats what happend with us. Missus was very very sceptical but was delighted with the result.


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