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Does anyone know if there's a way to register for a Windows Live (@live.ie) email address without having to (re) install Messenger, the toolbar etc? I've tried just leaving all the boxes blank when it asks which of the programmes you want to install but it still tries to install the toolbar.

I just want to check if I can get the MSN address I want without adding loads of numbers to it.

Smcgie Registered User

i am having the same problem, when i try to reg it only allows a live.co.uk or hotmail.co.uk

the funny thing is that i already have a live.ie account tha i registerd ages ago and its only <snip> really easy and usefull. But i want one for business and i cant seem to get the live.ie prefix to come up. Any ideas?


Hotmail Plus?

Smcgie Registered User

No standered hotmail, i hate spending money

KStaford Registered User

live registrations take their localisation settings from the users language settings in their browser.
So if you want the opportunity to select live.ie rather than live.co.uk or live.com when registering an email / live account, change your "BROWSERS" language to English(Ireland).
I'm using Firefox 3 and to set my language I do the following.
Tools - Options - Content - "Languages" - Choose
In there, set your language as English(Ireland), then close all instances of your browser, then fire it up again and go to
http://home.live.com/ - click on "Sign up" and off ya go.

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Smcgie Registered User

:DThanks KS, Im on explorer but i got your general idea and changed the language and regional settings in the control panel.

Worked a treat, have business e-mail address reg & linked to personal addy.


KStaford Registered User

well Smcgie Im glad to be of help and thanks for saying thanks

PGL Registered User


i followed your tips, and could only get a "@live.com" email account - how do you get a "live.ie" account?


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