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So the bourne legacy is going ahead for sure.
Gilroy is now directing.
Not really a surprise seen as gilroy was hired a few months ago to write the script.
With a bit of luck damon will come back also!

JP Liz V1 Registered User

Gilroy will write and direct now - I'm not sure he is the best to direct especially the action scenes Greengrass would be better

I hope Damon will be back anyways

Goldstein Registered User

Independence day release.

Title: "Bourne in the 4th as a spy"

(I'll get me coat)

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baldi1212 Registered User

Nonono!! Just don't make it..what's the point? The Bourne story is done....and they're making another Superman movie..ugh...

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Quazzie Hosted Moderator

There is no Bourne without Matt Damon.

I certainly wouldn't watch it.

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MisterAnarchy Registered User

baldi1212 said:
Nonono!! Just don't make it..what's the point? The Bourne story is done....and they're making another Superman movie..ugh...

It was done after the first two films which were excellent.
The third was rubbish.

zimovain Registered User

Tony Gilroy has revealed that Matt Damon's Jason Bourne character won't appear in The Bourne Legacy.

The Michael Clayton helmer, who penned scripts for each of the three Bourne films and will write and direct Legacy, shed light on the latest franchise entry to Hollywood Elsewhere.

"This is not a reboot or a recast or a prequel," he said. "No one's replacing Matt Damon. There will be a whole new hero, a whole new chapter… this is a stand-alone project."

Gilroy continued: "Jason Bourne will not be in this film, but he's very much alive. What happened in the first three films is the trigger for what happens.

"I'm building a legend and an environment and a wider conspiracy...the world we're making enhances and advances and invites Jason Bourne's return [down the road]."

Gilroy added that Bourne Legacy will show audiences "the bigger picture, the bigger canvas" surrounding Jason Bourne's actions in the previous movies.

The Bourne Legacy is due to arrive in cinemas in 2012.

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patch Registered User

Aw crap.
Why call it bourne at all then?
So they knew months ago that bourne wasn't in it?
Nice way to piss of the loyal fanbase.

La frog fairy Registered User


if theres no Matt Damon and its a different story all together there surely its not a 4th Bourne, or did i miss something!


Complete waste of time and money.

Phony Scott Registered User

Hmmm, no main character you say? And Curse of the Pink Panther and Halloween III were resounding critical and commercial successes then...

JP Liz V1 Registered User


James Franco is being lined up to star in ‘The Bourne Legacy’.
The ‘127 Hours’ actor is being pursued by the film’s director Tony Gilroy to take on the starring role in the movie – the first in the franchise not to feature Matt Damon as lead character Jason Bourne.
If he took the part in the project – the fourth in the ‘Bourne’ series – Franco would portray an entirely new action hero, as Gilroy has previously confessed he couldn’t “replace” Damon.
He said: “I couldn’t imagine trying to replace him. All the conspiratorial politics aside, these are very un-cynical, honest movies, and I don’t know another actor who brings more integrity and dignity, and a lack of cynicism to his work than Matt.”
Little is known about the script for the project, although Gilroy has confirmed Jason Bourne has not died, paving the way for him to return in a later movie.

danh789 Banned

No Matt Damon. I think this film is f***ed so if its going head to head with the 24 Movie which is due to be released in 2012 aswell.

Loughc Moderator

I don't get calling it Bourne Legacy and not have Bourne in it at all, its like having a Bond film called Bond Legacy and having no James Bond in it!

bUILDERtHEbOB Registered User

please don't be **** please don't be **** pleeeeeeeeease

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