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togster said:
im sorry but "very" would bother me. of course he was looking for underage porn. thinking anything else is fooling yourself.

eh? - how you arrive at that - Talk about a wild accusation

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Ciaran500 said:
I guarntee if he was searching in for that google he wasn't going to find child porn.

lol and how do you no that?

I cant believe some peoples posts on this. In my opinion I would investigate this further. And take it very seriously.

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togster said:
im sorry but "very" would bother me. of course he was looking for underage porn. thinking anything else is fooling yourself.

1. We don't even know if he was the one who searched for it.
2. Theres no way you can say with any certainty at all he was searching for underage porn, I wouldn't go jumping to such a damaging conclusion based on one search. If you looked through my search history I'm sure you'd find alot of odd things that could be taken out of context. Maybe he was just looking for a suitable image to reply to a thread with, I do it all the time.

e.g. http://img523.imageshack.us/img523/966/istockphoto2152620veryyon1.jpg

paul666 said:
lol and how do you no that?

Google isn't one for leaving child porn results in their index.

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WellHolyGod said:
I was using my boyfriend's laptop earlier and I noticed some things that had been searched for in google. Some of them were harmless enough searches like 'teenies', 'teen pu**y' etc. One really grabbed my attention though - 'very young girls'.

I've no problem with porn at all and I can't understand girls who go mad when they find out their boyfriend watches/uses porn. The teeney bit I can handle. I'm looking for comments on the 'very young girls' search. I really don't like this.

Is this absolutely terrible? Or is it a case of a bad call during a 'heated moment'?

I didn't say anything to him because I wanted to get my head around it first. Also, the other lads he lives with use the computer too.

I would be worried. Look in his recently viewed web pages and you might get more of an idea of what the content is.


It's possible he's interested in "jailbait". These are teenage girls, clothed, showing a lot of skin or in suggestive poses. It's very different than child porn, but it's still a bit dodgy alright.

What age is your boyfriend OP?

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Ciaran500 said:
If you looked through my search history I'm sure you'd find alot of odd things that could be taken out of context.

yeah mine too. but you wouldn't find anything with "very young girls" on it. Im sorry but i would never search "very young girls" because i suspect some of the results i would get would be suspect to say the least. My interpretation of very young would be under 18. An 18 y o is an adult, albeit a young woman not a young girl

spinandscribble Registered User

thats it. its the girl bit. very young woman is 18 maybe even 17. 'girls' a completely different ball game.


WellHolyGod said:
Also, the other lads he lives with use the computer too.

This part seems too of gone over everyone's head.


The mixed responses match what's going on in my head. At one end I'm thinking 'wow, that's way out of order wtf!' and at the other end I'm thinking 'he picked an ambiguous search term while looking for legal porn'.

He's not very net-savvy, leading to more confusion:
A. If he was looking for child porn, he may well have thought he would get if from google
B. As noted by another user, he didn't include the word 'child' or any sexual term in the search -although 'girl' to me is a female under 18
C. He doesn't post on forums so I can't think of any other reason why he would be searching for 'very young girls'. It was definitely a sexual thing.

There were no other searches for anything other than teens, which is a relief.

He's 30btw so it is possible that a 'young girl' to him is one of the legal age. A 'very young girl', I'm not so sure.

When there are any rape cases in the media (I don't mean just underage) he reacts like 'that bastard, if anyone did anything like that to my sister I'd ****ing kill him'. I don't think he's a sexual deviant but the fact remains that he did search for 'very young girls' (assuming it was him, not one of the other lads).

How do I check temporary internet files? I had a quick look on my own laptop there and can't figure it out. Will looking in the history help? Or, God forbid, if there was anything untoward looked at, will this just bring it up for me? I dont' want that!

pickarooney Moderator

He may have been looking into purchasing a gift for a niece. None of the words 'very' 'young' and 'girls' are overtly sexual although it might be a tad disingenuous to suggest this.

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Cheeky_gal said:
Eh, would that not be considered complete paedophilia?
Paedophilia is the sexual attraction to children. Prepubescence being a requirement. Finding a sexually mature teenage girl physically appealing is normal. Acting on it however, if they're below the age of consent is statutory "rape". People guilty of this crime are not labeled paedophiles or child molesters. Nor are they sick, they're usually just idiots.

A lot of porn is labeled "Teen". It usually means 18-20 year old girls that happen to look young. It's a pretty innocent thing to be looking at IMO.

Chucky the tree
This part seems too of gone over everyone's head

Nerin Hosted Moderator

ok,phew every time i go to reply a new post catches my eye.that and goddamed timeouts.
OP if i were you i'd do some more sleuthing, i dunno what your area of computer expertise is though, but everyone probably knows that you never really totally delete something of a computer. (well almost never)
i did my social studies assignment of child pornography and the like in college, and people are often caught out.
that said i wouldnt jump to the conclusion (at least for now) that thats what he(or housemate) was up to.
Also, theres a whole series of porn on the internet called teen porn,and the models/actresses whatever, are all 18 +. its just they look younger (theres disclaimers and crap)
Jailbait is still dodgey is correct.
(found that out when posting some of the humor posters joking about jailbait and got me an infraction.then again i found out at least one of the models was one of those "teen models" and 20 lol)
Tweeny porn (i kid you not) was a term in the papers a good bit, and that crap is totally illegal.(Tween as in between teen)

'very young girls'. however is a very worrying search to come across and i totally understand why you'd freak out. but dont give the game away so to speak (if he's done nothing wrong,trust issues may arise/if he has,he could cover his tracks).
if you want to go down the road of reporting him,there is an irish branch for such things, i'll go dig out that essay and find the links and info.

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Tar.Aldarion said:
I note he did not use the word child.

Spot on the nose.

OP, if whoever put in those search terms was looking for child porn, would they not have searched for that, or for similar terms?

While I can understand your being concerned, I would be slow to jump to conclusions.

paul666 Registered User

is there a computer expert out there that could show this girl how to get into his internet history.
sorry im not that good on that kind of stuff


Assuming he's using Internet Explorer...

Open Internet Explorer

Tools -> Internet Options

In the "Browsing History" section in the middle of the screen click "Settings"

Click "View Files" on the right of the screen.

A window will pop up.

Have a look at the websites in there. Note some of the "Internet Address" links may be from banner adverts which are hosted somewhere else, i.e. it doesn't mean he definitely went to that Internet Address himself.

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