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Early morning swim 20 lengths

Easy 5 miles lunchtime average 8:36

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Speed run today - 10k 44:49 average 7:13/mile fastest I've ever covered the distance and getting more comfortable with it.

Gives me an even greater respect for anyone who run marathon's in around the 3-3:10 mark

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Easy 10miles pace 9:00/mile

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Starting to feel pretty tired after the last few weeks - had planned an easy 5 but the body was teling me to take a day off, so I hit the pool instead and feel all the better for it. Can't get out this weekend for a run so I've scheduled the my last LSR on Tuesday of next week, this will be 19-20miles. Might just do an easy short run on Monday.

Need to look at the calendar and plan my taper

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Last long run this morning, wanted to concentrate on pacing and nailing the negative split, planned on the first 12 @ 9:10 mile which worked out and the last 8 @ 8:30 which ended up closer to 8:45. so not too bad overall.

Noticed my hips and groin got very achy with 5 miles to go which never happened before then it hit me, I've been doing a lot of swimming over the last three weeks so I might have been over using them. So gonna ease off the swimming for a while to give me every chance.

A few more full on speed sessions and easy runs and I'm there. Not sure if I can predict a finish time...


Good stuff Ike, any predictions yet

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You would have to ask . Would have settled for any time sub 4 at the start of the year, think I can squeeze a 3:52...............

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5 miles easy pace - very enjoyable was feeling a bit battered after Tuesdays long run - nice to leave the aches and pains on the road.

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Full on speed run, ran my usual 10K route but used the first 1.2 miles as a warm up and then averaged 7:03 over that last 5, getting closer to a sub 35min 5 miler...

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ike said:
Full on speed run, ran my usual 10K route but used the first 1.2 miles as a warm up and then averaged 7:03 over that last 5, getting closer to a sub 35min 5 miler...

and a 3:52 marathon

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Haha....Cheers stipes hopefully for some reason I'm just not 100% confident about the marathon probably cos its my first and a lot of unknown terrority involved..


Well reading your log looks like your training has gone really well. Think you need to believe in yoruself now, trust the work you have done... Best of luck for the 3:52.

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Cheers shel4ever I agree my head is the only thing that will beat me at this stage. Had a nice confidence boosting run this morning. 4 of us went out 3 of us are at the same level and one is did 3:11 in berlin but he's still in recovery mode.

We went for a easy 10 miler but we all knew what was going to happen with 2 to go, good banter and niggling and a bit elbowing we were going nice and handy at 8:30/mile but i upped the pace on a hill to 7:00/mile with 2 to go we. Ended up a close 2nd to to the fastest guy. Good craic first time in a while I've ran with a group. 3 of us are going in Dublin so we're going to be pacing each other.

Really enjoying the tapering

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Opted for an interval session on the threadmill - have the makings of a headcold coming on so avoided getting soaked in the rain.

2 Km warmup

6 x 1km intervals (4:20/km) with 1 min recovery.

1 Km Cool down

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5 miles average 8:15 - approx 200m of strides to finish

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