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Glovepie is a program that lets you hook up your wiimote to your pc via bluetooth. I've written a script for it so you can use wii guitar for GH3 on the PC, and i was wondering would any of ye would be interested in trying it out?
I wouldn't mind getting some opinions on it.

It's coded for both keyboard settings in GH (keys only & keys + mouse) so in theory it should work no matter what way you have it. I've only tested it a small bit and it seems to be working alright on both. For best whammy bar support switch to the KB & M settings in game as KB only is basically just either on or off

You'll need:
bluetooth on your pc/laptop
Wii GH guitar and wiimote
GH3 for PC
Glovepie(can be got free, just google it)

If anybodys interested i'll send them a PM of the link.

bethemiz Registered User

Hey bro ! ive been trying to get a good script for GH3! =)
i just figured out how to get my wii guitar connected via bluetooth, and well i dont know much about scripts or how to write them, i would totally like to try yours!

samlego2 Registered User

can you sent the script to me plz, i need it

witnessmenow Registered User

Will have a look for it over the weekend, I wouldnt hold out hope though....


Jesus, its hit 3 on google.ie!

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