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I suffer from PCOS and my partner has a low sperm count,My doc said we wud prob need IVF, but at €4700 a go i don't think we can afford it! she has put me on glucophage and i'm on the second month of it now, Has anybody else had the same prob and conceived without IVF?or know of any other options we would have?

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Hi all,

I'm just new to this site, I'm 23 and my partner is 25, We have both decided to start trying and this is our first month, Got my periods Yesterday so should start my ovalation soon. I admire u all as i don't think i can wait months and months. I have not Been on the Pill for a couple of years, I have recently lost 1 stone in weight and I am praying that i might be one of the lucky one's to get pregnant straight away. My mam had a problem TTC and there is 11 years between me and my brother!

Saying a prayer for us all


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hey all, thanks for posting all your experiences.. we have been trying to concieve for 2 years. i have pcos and we just went to the galway fertility clinic.. i was put on glucophage and told the next step would be clomid if that didnt work but she was really feeling that we should get pregnant on this alone as all the other tests looked good.. i want to take that as positive and i do but im getting impatient.. (im 34 next month, partner is 32 and very patient..'it'll happen, just relax'!!!).. has anyone else taken glucophage with positive results? thanks for ANY thoughts..

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For what it's worth, my wife has PCOS. After 18 months of no joy in 2003/2004, she was put on Glucophage.

Six weeks later she was pregnant. Healthy baby boy.

Eighteen months later, back on Glucophage, this time it took five weeks to get pregnant. Healthy baby girl.

Eighteen months later, without Glucophage (we were just starting to think about it), pregnant again (apparently, your body just figures it out). TWO healthy baby girls.

I have been you, the worry, anxiety, multiple negative tests, the self doubt. GP visits, specialist visits, fertility tests - the whole lot. Now I have four little and not so little wonders.

Chin up, it could happen to you.

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hi there, it took my hubby and I around 1 year to fall pregnant and 6 months of that were wasted becasue I just thought I knew how my body worked when in fact I didn't know the whole truth!

We have just had our first baby and so I thought I would say what we did incase any of it works for you...

I bought a book called 'taking charge of your fertility' and it was a real eye opener.
Then I started using the Billings Method - which is basically charting your cycle using temps etc
I also used OV predictor kits (but these gave me mixed messages)
I took the pregnacare multivitamin, and my hubby took one also
I got the dr to do a Day 3 blood test which gave me my FSH level (which indicates if you ovulate or not) and my hubby got sperm test done (turned out he had low count)
After each 'act' I put my feet up above my head for around 10 minutes to help gravity!

So...that sounds like 'alot' but its not and I firmly believe that knowing where we stood biologically (from tests) and using the temps etc was the hope that helps and hope that you concieve asap as I know how hard it is when everyone seems pregnant and youre not and how low you feel when your period comes. It's terrible...

But I feel if it worked for us anyone has a chance! of luck to you....

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:)thanks Jaden for that information, i just havent met anyone else who is on it so thats really positive..i really appreciate you posting that, you are busy now!i know its different for everyone but its still good to know that will hopefully happen for me too..
..hi pixiemama, thanks for all that information.. we did have had all the blood tests last summer and again last month and they all came back saying everythings fine and my partner has a high sperm count so thats positive.. the fertility dr seems to think its just the pcos so is hoping the glucophage will work, fingers crossed.. its funny you should mention that book, my friend just gave it to me so i will start charting,that sounds good.. and putting my feet over my head after each go, well i'll feel a bit funny but i'll try anything really at this stage! so thanks for all that, it was really helpful to hear your experiences and that you have a lovely baby now!.. thanks again..

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im new to this thread and a bit confused by all these terms ye have but sure il give it a go anyway, I was diagnosed withPCOS when I was 19 (now 24) the 1st question i asked the doctors when i found out was if I would be able to concieve and the gynae told me that I should have no problems because polycystic ovaries is only a minor problem,
Anyway i'll fast forward to present day and my current situation... we have been trying to concieve for 25 months with no luck only a heartbreaking miscarriage and finally my gp decided to put me on glucophage 500mg and although I have only been on them for 8 weeks so far the only thing I have found they have done is give me longer periods!! I know that I have at least 15 cysts (i dont know if thats normal or severe case pcos) so if anyone is in the same boat as me and has successfully concieved I would really appreciate hearing your story
Baby dust to all

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Hi all. My husband and I have been ttc for 7 months. It's really starting to make me depressed because I just think about it every day and then every month it's such a let down. I know this isn't good for me but I can't help it. People always say 'it'll happen eventually' and 'you just need to relax and then it will happen' but I honestly can't relax when every month I think I could be pregnant and then I get my period.

I just want to ask if anyone has ever heard of or tried the 'softcup' ? I was looking online for helpful tips and I came across this on an american website. It has really good reviews but i've never heard of it before. If anyone has tried it could you tell me if it works?

Like many of you, i'm so desparate to be a mother. It just eats me up inside when everyone else seems to get pregnant without even trying.


They are a disposable verison of a mooncup.
There is a huge thread on them in the ladies lounge with a lot of happy users.

Given that it's been over 6 months have you been to your gp?
Both of you should go for a check up and have blood run to see if there is something simple which can be sorted out.

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Thaedydal said:
They are a disposable verison of a mooncup.
There is a huge thread on them in the ladies lounge with a lot of happy users.

Given that it's been over 6 months have you been to your gp?
Both of you should go for a check up and have blood run to see if there is something simple which can be sorted out.

Thanks for that. We both went to our GP before christmas and he said if we still haven't gotten pregnant within a year of trying, to go back to him. But in the meantime to just keep trying. He gave us health advise, but nothing we weren't already doing. He also said that the reason I wasn't getting pregnant could have to do with the fact that I was on the pill for 5 years and it sometimes takes a long time for that to wear off. I'm just very impatient and always worry that it will never happen. Thanks for your advice.


hi everyone
just want to say this is a great thread. as it can be such a lonely road. i came off the pill march 2007, been trying since aug 2008, and been really trying for the past 12 months. no luck. and everyone i know is getting pregnant. am going to attend hari unit next month so still have one month to try again. have regular cycle 28-32days and had a high progesterone on day 26.husbands sperm count normal. so im finding it so hard because everything is normal normal normal but nothing is happening. have been going for acupuncture since november and we are taking all the supplements.
just wanted to say it gives me great support to read other ppls stories i do not feel so alone now.

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I'm 29 and have never had regular periods in fact I probably have only 4 a year! I just got married and now we are going to try for a baby but I am really nervous that I am totally infertile and I have waited too long to find out. Any advice on what tests I should take?


hi there

u have so totally not left it too late.

the first thing u can do is get down to your GP and have some blood tests. its hard to know when u dont have a regular cycle, but the two important tests are FSH which is done on day 3 ie 3 days after u get your period, and Progesterone levels which are done on day 26 or later in your cycle. FSH is tested to see if you have ovulated it should be low ie less than 9.
if you are having irregular cycles u may have polycystic ovaried or PCOS u may already know this im not sure. but the reason i am replying to u is to say dont be worrying there are treatments out there. my sister has PCOS. never gets a period. shes 37 and has a beautiful baby girl almost 1 year old. she had been trying for a while and it is hard when u dont know when you are ovulating. she went on metformin to regulate her insulin levels which had a knock on effect on her hormones and it worked for her.
the best thing to do is get down to your GP and get started.
i have normal cycle 32 days and ive been off the pill 3 years married in 2006. i was waiting to see whatd happen for the last 2 years and only now going for further tests im going for a scan in the hari unit next month to see if my tubes are blocked. even though i have normal cycle i may not be releaing any eggs so then the next thing to do is go on clomid which stimulated the release of an egg. this may work for PCOS too.

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hi all
just wondering has any1 ere heard of the fertility supplement 'fertilaid'?
ive seen good reviews on american sites but wanna kno if any1 ere has used it and knows where i can get it?

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hi just recently joined and i sw your message.all i want to say is dont give up. Myself and my husband have been trying for a baby for 5 years. i have had numerous operations eg..cysts and have been diagnoised with endemetriosis. we did all the clomid,injections for months but no joy. decided to give everything a break last year as i was exhausted,stressed from all the procedures. i had heard that acupuncture helps u with many fertility problems so in jan 2010 started acupuncture once a week...guess what i had my first missed period on the 7th feb and i am now 9 weeks is a miracle i would highly recommend accupuncture it worked for me what do u have to lose? fingers crossed and good luck.

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