jayteecork Banned

Friend of mind just emailed there, apparently Lidl are doing chainsaws for a mere ton! Sounds sweet enough.
Just make sure you use it for the garden, right guys?

Fnz Registered User

When are they selling this? I can't find it on their site.

Does it say whether it's powered by petrol or electricity? I have something that needs taken care of but there's no electricity where I left them so chainsaw must be petrol powered.

blah Registered User

"Petrol Chainsaw" It's right there in the image.

Sherifu Registered User

He had to get in the joke somehow. I expected someone would have that type of reply. You didn't disappoint Fnz.

blah Registered User

And I didn't even read his whole reply, I just had to get my correction in there asap.

loyatemu Registered User


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Scobius90 Registered User

seriously people, is this just in one store or is it nationwide. Anybody spot these out whest ..... Galway City? I don't see any mention of these on lidl.ie

Sherifu Registered User

Can't find it on the site either. Need some more input from the OP.

jayteecork Banned

guy who emailed me said it's the new one in Churchfield, Cork.

Mr E Administrator

The Cork Chainsaw Massacre - car breaks down in Mayfield, and they're chased around by Langerface....

Fnz Registered User

blah said:
"Petrol Chainsaw" It's right there in the image.

I must be blind... thought I had scanned the text thoroughly.

Ghost Train Custom User Title

says "new store open..." at the top of the photo so might be just a promotion for a new store opening and not a nationwide thing

rob316 Registered User

Ya it was an opening offer for the new store in Churchfield in Cork remember getting a leaflet about it

dublinlawyer Registered User

I bought one of these last year and I found it very bad. Kept breaking down. Id have to rest it then start it up again. I brought it back and got another one. Same thing happened with that.

dingding Registered User

Can you buy one of these without a safe pass or something like that. I thought the sale of chainsaws was restricted in Ireland.

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