Jay D Registered User

Right need to book a dentist for tomorrow afternoon, anyone know of any good ones around Baggot St please?

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chubba1984 Registered User

It may be about a 20 min walk from Baggot Street but I recently attended the Portobello Dental Clinic to get a crown put on a tooth. Must say I found the service I received to be excellent and very reasonably priced for the work involved. The dentist I dealt with was a Canadian called Riley Lewis. The clinic is on 34 South Circular Road.

They've a website as well www.portobellodental.com if you want to check it out

baztard Registered User
Jay D Registered User

I didn't realise how convenient Golden Pages was, thanks.

Chubba thanks also, but people in my job are a right pain in the head....

Very petty like but thanks for your time.

Bive Registered User

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