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As it says in the title. I'm new to Limerick and am looking to play and watch some live music. Not into trad kinda thing. Anyone with suggestions would be a great help.


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highlydebased Registered User

The White house and Riddlers have open mic nights.

For general live music, Riddlers, the white house and Dolans....also underground at Baker Place and Nestors occasionally


The used to be open mic in the green room of the Trinity rooms, is that gone now?

BobTheBeat Registered User

Welcome along to Limrock!

For open mic nights, check out the Articulate sessions in bakers bar on wednesday nights. Its a pretty good platform for meeting like minded musicians music fans etc.Also plenty of original live bands play there Thursday/Friday/Saturday nights.Nice venue downstairs too.

Daffy's bar on Catherine street also holds gigs on a weekly basis,with a jam session on Sunday nights with the sesame street band (play there myself on occasion). Also I believe Harrisons just across from The entrance to Jury's inn holds a jam on Sunday afternoons (haven't been there yet,but good feedback all the same).

Amazo, the green rooms open mic is defunct now unfortunately.Twas good while it lasted! Riddlers is also pretty much off the radar these days, with the pub under new management, the thirst for live bands upstairs has allbut dried up.

But first and foremost make your way to Bakers bar on the days mentioned. If your looking for more listings/contact info, check out their myspace at .

funk-you Registered User

Thanks bob, been goin insane with nothing to watch and nowhere to play.


annemieke Registered User

I'm new in limerick just moved here, looking for a place to make music.
Does anyone know were the open mics are right now? Are they still on wednesday in Bakers place? Or somewhere else, last replys were in 2004 so I guess things might have changed. Hope someone can help me, looking for a nice place to make some music.


Baker's is still going. Acoustic sessions on wednesdays but if you play louder you'll probably have to play on the weekend.

ThreeSongs Registered User

Hi, as well as the above gigs there is a weekly songwriters open-mic night,Three Songs, in the White House every Tuesday at 9pm, and also one running in the Locke Bar every Thursday called Songwriters Limerick. Hope to see you there sometime, Chris

Shirley Callaghan Registered User

Hi Chris,

I just saw your post about the songwriters open mic nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have some new songs I would like to try out and just wondered how it works, as in would i need to put my name down in advance etc.

Many thanks,



johnmolloy554 Registered User

Shirley, Chris posted 5 years ago.........

Shirley Callaghan Registered User

oh right, ok thanks lol

ThreeSongs Registered User

Hi Shirley, yes indeed I posted 5 years ago...but that's ok.
FYI there is an open mic running in Limerick on thursdays in the White House and you are very welcome to come along.
The gig goes under the name of the Acoustic Session and is run by Dominic Taylor and Sean McCloud. Probable starts around 8.30.
You can get in touch with them if you'd lke to book a spot, you can find info on facebook if you look for the name "acoustic sessions". If not then i'm sure you'll find it with a little searching.
Good Luck

leakyboots Registered User

There's a very good open mic night running in the Blind Pig on Wednesdays too. The guys running it have just started their own production outfit and they record the sessions professionally with videos etc and upload it to their YouTube I think.

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