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This was mentioned Friday in the thread on O2's freet texts for life but thought it deserved its own thread seen it launched today.
Runs from Monday 11th February - Wednesday 30th April 2008.
Send FREE to 50222 to sign up now, or make your choice in the price plans section of My Vodafone.

T&Cs here:

Once opted in, when a customer tops up by €20 or more in a single transaction they will receive the FREE calls and texts offer for a 30 day period.
Customers may not avail of this Offer in conjunction with either the FREE texts for life or FREE weekends for life Offers.
Customers previously on FREE texts for life or FREE weekends for life (i.e before 11th Febuary 2008) will be automatically moved back to their offer on 1st May 2008. Please note any remaining FREE calls and texts offer days will not be cleared down.

JackieChan Registered User

Hadn't spotted this...thanks Steve O

Fabritzo Registered User

I thought they were doing this a while now, is there something new I missed?

Captain Morgan Registered User

Fabritzo said:
I thought they were doing this a while now, is there something new I missed?

No there where doing either free texts to all Vodafone customers at any time or free calls and texts to Vodafone customers at weekends now they are doing free calls and texts to all vodafone customers ANYTIME (Untill 30th April)

Oracle Registered User

Great offer thanks, but I think you might have missed the text code for free calls AND free texts. After you sign up for free texts or free weekend calls, to sign up for the promotion, you text FREE to 50222. Confused yet??

So to put it simply anyone who's already on the free weekend calls or free texts offer just text FREE to 50222 to get the new offer.

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Oooh, excellent! Already on the Free Weekend dealie. This is even better! Thanks OP.

TomPich Registered User

didnt spot this...

devil-80 Registered User

but you need top up €20 every month

Fnz Registered User

Nice find steve O.

For those who are taking advantage of a current offer - and have recently topped up their pre-pay balance:

When a Customer changes to a new offer, it will replace their current offer and their new Offer will come into effect once the Customer tops up by €20 or more.

steve 0 Registered User

Good news for anyone taking advantage of this, extended for an extra month, to Sunday 01/06/08

long_b Registered User

Today is the last day for this promotion, top up today to get June calls and texts free too.

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DingDong Registered User

But if it ends today, does that not mean the promotion ends too, so topping up would be pointless?

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