artanevilla Moderator

I need to get the colour code for this car, anyone know where I can find it?

ejmaztec Registered User

On a plate under the bonnet by the washer bottle.

artanevilla Moderator

I hvae the plate, which numbers are the colour code?

crosstownk Registered User

This will give you a feel for Opel colour codes............

Astra Owners Network

Paint Codes
Breeze Blue - 20N
Star Silver 2 - 147
Star Silver 3 - 157
Black Sapphire - 20R or 2HU
Flame Red - 547 or 79L
Black (2001) - 20C
Aruba Blue - 20A or A20
Ultra Blue - 21B
Petrol Blue - 20M
Space Green - 388
Aztec Gold - 40E
Silver Lightning - 163
Scarab - 20U
noctourno blue - 20H

Your colour code will be of similar format.

woop Registered User

there is a very slight difference in some of the black colours
not that youd notice it though

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