dub214 Registered User

Hi Everyone,

Anyone has some information on this estate. I am planning to buy there.
I would also appreciate any advice on Kilcock itself.
Is that a good place to live with two small kids ?

Thanks in advace

sgt.bilko Registered User

Hi, i live in chambers park which is adjacent to your estate. send a pm with any questions and i'll do my best to answer ya!

terminator2 Registered User

kilcock is a great place to live it has good schools an exceptional all irish school a few small pubs ,not many shops mind u


Ouchteray is lovely. My friends just bought in there but have not moved in yet. nice little village with some good pubs, restaurants and there is a nice little church too. And you're close enough to the M4 which is prett awesome. and only like a 4 min drive from maynooth which has a Dunnes Stores and a Tesco which is also being rebuilt so is set to be enormous

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