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With the majority of Irish mobile users on prepaid price plans, existing and potential O2 customers will be happy to hear the mobile operator has a new price plan that offers free texts for life to any mobile network at any time.

The new price plan, O2 Experience, is for prepaid customers who top up their phone credit by at least €20 per month and will be available from tomorrow, Friday 1 February.
While new customers can sigh up for the O2 price plan until 30 April 2008, existing O2 customers can also switch over from the existing prepaid Speakeasy model.
This free text offering makes O2 the first mobile operator to give its prepaid customers the option to avail of free texts, no matter the network or time they call at.
The O2 Experience plan also provides for mobile users who do not text heavily: again, it is for those topping up by a minimum of €20 per month and they can choose the ‘free unlimited calls’ option allowing them to make free calls to ten O2 numbers of their choosing.
Also, for those who spend a minimum of €30 per month, the free calls and texts come together as a bundle.
Vodafone currently offers its prepaid customers free texts for life for a minimum top-up of €20 per month, but this is only for texts sent to other Vodafone customers.
By Marie Boran

I usually hate O2 because of their overpriced tariffs etc but I am very tempted to move from Meteor to O2 for this offer.

krudler Registered User

they kept this pretty quiet, hadnt heard anything about it

Thirdfox Registered User
#3 a Meteor customer

wba88 Registered User

very interesting, free calls AND texts


When I heard it was a billpay price plan I was impressed. Not as eager to jump for the prepay one.

Great deal though, should stab Meteor in the eye and make them move along too.

fatal Registered User

as a meteor customer i will be thinking of switching to 02 now

Davy Category Moderator

If o2 were clever they could have offered this in the run up to Christmas rush, would have beaten what the others were offering, especially for younger people would be texting mostly, free texts to any network and the €20 would do on calls for the month

colmranger Registered User

I just had a quick look at the O2 site and i think this offer is only valid at weekends?

Davy Category Moderator

colmranger said:
I just had a quick look at the O2 site and i think this offer is only valid at weekends?

Thats freedom, a different package. the new package is called 'o2 experience'

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what about billpay? they dont seem to get the same offer

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Anyone have a link to T&C on the o2 site? I can't seem to find this new price plan on their site. Is this for life or until 2009 or something?

tenchi-fan Registered User

Quite interesting!

Most people I know ported to Meteor in the past year, and a lot of them were o2 beforehand. Too bad o2 were so slow acting, they lost a lot of business they'll find very hard to get back.

Even if they are offering free texts to any network, anything more than 25c per call to other networks will put a lot of people off porting back. Based on their previous pricing strategies, chances are they will have 50c peak calls to other networks.

Mikel Jr. Registered User

sounds good

may switch over if they also have a decent prepay data plan

foggy_lad Banned

makes o2 more attractive than meteor as they have 3g in most areas now! and much more online content than meteor.

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They have 3 new price plans LINK

Some things to note:
*** Calls to other Irish mobile networks 49c per min (Anytime).
*** A minimum charge of 5c applies to all connected domestic calls.

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