Calina Registered User

I was thinking it'd be interesting to do a little "brief" trick with yon cameras. Not a challenge per se, just everyone go away, and try to bring back a picture on a set theme or something.

Last time I suggested this, I suggested blue, cos I thought it was nice and vague. Now I'm going to be awkward.

I'm suggesting people go and take a salt and/or pepper cellar (doesn't matter what shape or style they are) and bring back a cool photograph of it/them. Total freedom in how you approach this.

Be thankful I didn't say "get a bottle of some sort of cosmetic and bring back a nice but innovate product shot". I may do that the next time.

Hugh_C Registered User

Chunky Monkey Registered User

^ Brilliant

bradnailer Registered User

I'm cheating a "shot" I took a while back

Fajitas! Registered User

Ryan says:
oh dear.. I seem to have temporarily blinded myself in my left eye in the execution of Calina's salt & pepper challenge

Al says:

TJM Registered User

Funnily enough, I took these two macros yesterday [granted there's no cellars present]:

dr strangelove Registered User

A little something i knocked up before christmas:

I'll get my coat......

Calina Registered User

man, I'm really pleased with this (apart from Ryan's eye, of course) (in the name of god what were you trying to do?)

rymus Registered User

I processed this with one functioning eyeball.. Now I'm off to find the optrex.

TJM, that's hugely impressive. Are you using an MP-E or something?

m_stan Registered User

TJM said:

niiiiiiice !

Fajitas! Registered User

It looks like a comet tbh!

rymus Registered User

or a gallstone...

Calina Registered User

rymus said:
or a gallstone...

me files away for future reference when considering what to inflict on yiz the next time I want to alleviate a little boredom.

although what makes me think I'm bored is a mystery since I have spent the past four hours trying to configure a website.

Oriel Banned

Took this one ages ago:

Nothing to do with Salt or Pepper, but there you go.

rymus Registered User

woo webdesign. It's a device sent by Satan to inflict torturous pain and mental anguish on a select few in the population. That being said, I need to do some work on mine in the next few days.

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