outsidethe65 Registered User

Hi all,

I am thinking of buying a trike. I don't have a full bike licence but I do have a full car licence. Will the car licence cover me for the trike?

Also, whats the story with insurance? Will my car policy cover me on the trike?

And finally, does anyone know a good trike dealer in the Republic of Ireland or know of anyone selling one privately? Would I be better off going to the uk for one?


alpina Registered User

Was in the same boat as you last summer so went ahead and built one..
Went to States for the trike kit and Hamburg for front end and hooked up a reverse gear. There are a couple of dealers in Wales and Provincewide HD up north are getting into it. Too much speculation about what you are allowed to drive with what, pick up the phone and ask, I had a full licence prior to building so not aware. Carole Nash, insurance but check around

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