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does anyone know anything about this type of heating system??? On the same matter does anyone know if there is a company out there that will come and help you decide which is the best system for your house. Obviously someone who wont be getting backhanders from a company to push that companys product. We have just put in for planning and our heads are addled from all the different types of heating to go for and would love a point in the right direction

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i am a 7months into my build and still haven't decided,

dont bother with underfloor heating, temp changes too much in ireland
shrink all your windows, windows make a house hot in the summer and cold in the winter, make it hard to see the telly, hard to have a lie in.
dont build a sunroom and if you do, dont attempt to heat it, and insulate it off from the rest of house like you would a garage
fit thermostatic radiator valves, set them all to 2.5 (maybe clooser to 3 in the sitting room)
get a water tank that can take solar panels, dont buy solar panels until they are cheaper
have your boiler outside the house so you can decide at the last minute whether you want oil, gas or solid fuel, and you can change it easily of your needs change

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Just my opinions, good luck on the build


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sorry op i didn't really answer you question,

ring about 4 plumbers for quotes, call out to them some evening with the plans of the house, and ask them their opinion on different heating systems. take note of all their for and against point, and then make up your own mind

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Sorry, didn't realise that was a rule.

Anyway - "ice stick" is a new form of heat pump, something about the latent heat of ice when it freezes. It's your decision but you can bet there won't be many people in Ireland using it at this point.

On the points raised in Mukki's post, don't write off UFH necessarily. It's fine if it's built and used properly - insulated well, zoned, weather-compensated and left on for long periods so that the thermal mass of the slab is used. It's no good if you try to use it like rads and I don't think it suits oil-firing very well. Remember that West and South windows give you free heat on a sunny day. Agree entirely that you may as well put in a dual-coil tank and pipes for solar during the build when it's effectively free.


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not really keen on oil or gas or a solid fuel open fire. Maybe a stove to heat a small few rads but am really interested in anything else. We have underfloor heating in bathrooms and kitchen at moment and its fab in bathrooms but would leave it out of kitchen as its too big and the heating has to be on most of the day to have the benifet of it. Ironically the kitchen is the only part of the original house that we will be keeping so i guess it will have to stay. Brother has geo therm and finds it great. only 2 years old so don't know wat long term costs wit maintanence will be. We dont have the outside space for it anyhow so thats out. Maybe for the well one as we have private well water. jes my head is wrecked from it all. Thanks for all the advice anyhow

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