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oscarBravo said:
You were in Mayo and didn't call me??

/scribbles Kharn off the winter solstice card list...

U r 4rm May Yo?
I doon't believe it...

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To give my 2 cents here, when I was home in 2002, I was told by all my old friends from Castlebar to say and party in Westport cause it was a much better place to be.

I had a blast in Westport, but it would've been nice to feel out the atmosphere in Castlebar as well. Sounds like I didn't miss too much though.

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Castlebar's pubs and clubs are given below

T.Flynns - Knacker pub, used to be The Cabin but now is full of shams, etc. Best to be avoided

Bucko's - One of the only pubs in town to has live music at least once a week, supposedly has a lovely lunch menu and a good jukebox

BarOne - Check Shirts and wrangler jeans are a must in BarOne, would be a good pub if it had a smoking area, nice lunch menu.

Mc Carthys - Now being run by the dude who ran Prendergasts. Favorite with teachers and priests, good spot for a quiet drink

Coxs - Its clientele ranges from old woman looking for a poke to young underagers drinking naggins in the bathrooms. Dj's every night but sadly most are terrible. Only late bar 7 nights a week in Castlebar so theirs always a mix of people in here

The Lounge - Every Friday, and Saturday. Basically its a late bar but your charged 8yoyos in. Same dj every night who never changes his set list. Only good craic if your fairly loaded

Mantra - 16-46 the club started off well but the bouncers dont give a ****e and so the clientele are mostly young knacks with tracksuits. Very rare to have a good night in their

The Irish House - Student pub, good pub grub, and good special offers on drinks, best avoid the pool table upstairs after hearing some of the stories of a couples having a bit of after hours action on it.

Mulroys - Good food, not as busy as it used to be as bar ritz which is above it only opens for special occasions

Moka - Ok food, bar selection of drink, too far out of town to go for a pint. Nice beer garden though

The Bungalow - Full of the working class of Castlebar, nothing but darts happening in this bar during the week

Bosh - Good food, sadly has lost a lot of its appeal when it first opened as they have relaxed their door policy's

Q.T - 14-19 year old try their best to get in on Fridays and Saturdays, badly laid out club, too far of a walk as well from the popular spots around town. Hasnt been busy since Club Mantra opened many years ago. Is undergoing refurbishment and is opening late August at the same time as the new theater

Their are a few more pubs in Castlebar but most are not my regular haunts so i cannot give an accurate description of these

The Humbert Inn R.I.P

Rowlands R.I.P

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I have to just say that c/bar is a kip! I hate the place. It used to be good back in the 90's but downhill since then! The town is full of piss heads that did nothing with there lives!
If someone asked me where I am from i'd say Westport!

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Did anyone read the controversy this thread sparked on the Castlebar BB? Here and here. I fired in a few answers there this morning, but it seems to be pre-moderated now? No harm I suppose.

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Kharn said:
Did anyone read the controversy this thread sparked on the Castlebar BB? Here and here. I fired in a few answers there this morning, but it seems to be pre-moderated now? No harm I suppose.
That's what made me come over here to see what the fuss was all about.

Shiminay Moderator

Well fair play and welcome to the wonderful world of Ashling

CstlbrGrl73 Registered User

Thanks Dav.

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dublinmadyoke Registered User

OMG- that email from the Mayo Echo was OTT... Can't wait to read this weeks paper! What I request 'I am also seeking any information or data that might identify those persons that contributed these postings, such as time of posting, IP address etc. I am also requesting the identities of the moderators that monitor and vet the postings'. The blame game starts!!!

Best thing for is to set their server/servers in another country...

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F*** that rag of a paper, what a pity, was a great site, disaster to see it gone.

I still dont see how they can write their damning opinions of certain people, regardless of what may or may not of happened, yet nobody is allowed to discuss anything about them.

I better not say anymore or they might complain to this site too!

dublinmadyoke Registered User

What the Mayo Echo wrote last week was so so so bad. Take a look for yourselves - make your own mind up-

CstlbrGrl73 Registered User

We live in a sad sad world when a rag can write such bigot comments and then becomes a hypocrite by complaining about the BB. Apparently the Echo only believes in Freedom of Speech for themselves.

Gunner5 Registered User

Yeah Totally agree that Mayo Echo went too far, defence is that people needed to know but this was outrageous!

Shiminay Moderator


This is absolutely unreal. I spent many's the long night helping to get off the ground back in the day and I spent some time helping the Mayo Echo too as I'm friends with Cresham (Tony Geraghty is his son in law for those that don't know).

I don't know what to say, but it doesn't bode well for the Echo.

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