Anyone know

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Same street as Kranks Korner. One block up the street, downstairs.

If you're on William St, by Limerick Sports Store cross teh road and take the lane between old Flannerys and Greenes cafe. Its at the end of the block on the left, downstairs.

Sign should be outside!


Good man

i wonder if its appointment only?!

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Lazers pew pew said:
Good man

i wonder if its appointment only?!

Nah, just drop in and you should be okay. Unless you want Danny to personally do it, depends on what days he's there.


i dont really mind to be honest, as long as they know what they're doing
how much am i looking at for one
basically i want a Maori design on my arm (father is from Wellington), covering from top of shoulder to top of forearm, whats that about a foot?

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All depends on who does the piece. Danny charges more but you pay for the best and he in Limerick/Ireland he is certainly one of the best. You might need an appointment if its that big because it could take a few hours. I had to make an appointment for the one i have on my calf, Phil done that and i couldnt be happier with it.

Melion Banned

Between 350-450 id say


Cheers, what i expected

Anyone have a number for it, cant find one anywhere

Melion Banned

Mobile number on his myspace is 085 7777877


cheers, nice wan bud

Melion Banned

Let me know how much you get quoted for that

Melion Banned

So how much did you pay?

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Melion said:
So how much did you pay?

I would imagine you should pm Lazers as he is banned from this board .

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