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Just wanted to ask your opinions.
I'm now looking to leave my job after only 9 months here due to various reasons, mostly to do with horrible co-workers. To date, my CV looks healthy, and I am not a job hopper, with 9 years, 1 year and 2.5 years respectively in my previous jobs. However, I'm worried now that people will get the wrong impression that I am leaving after such a short time in my current job.
Would you say to be honest and leave this job that I'm now in on my CV, or to alter it so that it appears I have never worked here, and make believe that I am still working in my last job (meaning three years there total). I dont really want to make the explanation as to why I'm leaving here, because I do believe that the nastiness of the people in this company is unique, and I dont want to come across like a non-people person. I'm very worried that the 9 months I've spent working here could sully my entire working life so far and make me seem less employable.


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you put it on your CV and memorise a story about how it wasn't the role you thought you were getting during the interview, and having had a period of months to experience working there you realised that it didn't have the potential you had hoped for.

So instead of staying in a role that you were mis-sold you're looking to really challenge yourself in a role that excites you, "such as this one I'm interviewing for now"

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People change jobs all the time for loads of different reasons.

I would never mention that you are leaving because of your co-workers. If you're ever asked about them just stretch the truth and say that they are very courteous and professional. Never never b*tch about them as it leaves you looking the worst.

As for why you are leaving you could always say that you are looking for a role with greater opportunities, challenges and responsibilities. It makes you look enthusiastic and hard working.

I wouldn't leave your current job out of your CV or say you were in you old job for longer as you would be asked about the gap or they might ask your old job how long you were there. Eventually people find out about these things so it could end up looking like you lied about it which wouldn't be the best for you.

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Just say the role was a 9 month temporary contract only to cover for maternity leave or something...


9 months is OK, but I would try to put a positive spin on why you left. I wouldn't mention the horrible colleagues thing.

It definitely won't sully your entire working life or make you seem less employable. I see many CV's every day and it's quite normal for people to have had jobs which didn't really work out.

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I worked in teaching for 4 months and hated it moved on to the corpo for 3 months then civil service and had no problem. I tried to turn the negatives into positives during the interview and i did mention it on the CV. You are definately employable as mentioned above and have a depth of life experience - as above dont mention the dtrained working relationships thing with nasty colleagues.

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9 months not really an issue , unless its a job that requires a lot of training from the employer....

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Im 10 years working, My first job I was in for 3 years and then I moved on as had got my experiance and wanted to move up the ladder ,after 3.2 years in my 2nd job the company closed and after 3.5 years in my 3rd job the company closed also and in an interview last september a HR person said I seem to be jumping from job to job and not settling even though my cv stated quiet clearly that both companys had closed and the reasons they closed.

Doctor DooM Moderator

I think you will be fine. If you had been in each job less than 6 months, alarm bells would ring. I say this as someone who used to do interviews.

As above, put a slightly positive spin on why you left- say the position wasn't what you were expecting, or their were job cuts and you were the newest one there, etc.


I'd agree with most posters above - a nine month job shouldn't be a problem given your previous employment history, particularly if you work in an area with reasonably high staff turnover. As suggested above make sure not to say anything too negative about your previous employer or co-workers as this tends to go down poorly with most interviewers. You can still come across as having been assertive and having made a good decision despite the fact that they'll probably guess that there was some other problem.

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