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Praetorian said:
Doesn't work for me on IE or FF.

It should work - IF UTV is your ISP.

Praetorian Registered User

Yea, thats the reason. Had a blonde moment

robo Registered User

Any advice for how a Smart user could get this working? What proxy settings would work?

watty Registered User

It won't work for Smart users.
The UTV proxy is only availabe to people connected via UTV.

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Skyuser Registered User

Works for me but the speed is a bit slower when using ni proxy.

Simon201 Registered User

Cheers BryanL33 - brill!
BBC iPlayer now working on my Mac with Safari. Had it working a couple of weeks ago after scouring the net for some socks 5 proxy but it only seemed to be temporary.

pauly3 Registered User

I am with UTV Internet. I entered the ni-cache info and can access the BBC content here in Kildare. While troubleshooting a Netopia modem at a friends house (they have Eircom broadband) I connected my own Netopia router with the UTV settings to their line and was connected straight away! Does this mean I can carry around a spare Netopia router with my settings (I have two of them) and watch, or demonstrate, the BBC iPlayer in any home that has broadband in Ireland (since they are all ultimately derived from Eircom)? Or is it just Eircom who do not authenticate their users? And anyone know how my web pages were routed onto UTV's network from an Eircom line?

Moriarty Registered User

Short answer: Yes.

Slightly less short answer: You can use any bitstream DSL account (eircom, bt (non-llu), utv, digiweb, etc) on any bitstream DSL line. It's just a matter of having an account with one of the ISPs so you can authenticate it.

ZENER Registered User

[stupid question] If I'm with BT can I use their NI proxy to the same effect ? Would it have to be llu or any bitstream product ?[/stoopid question]


Skyuser Registered User

The ni-cache proxy for UTV is not working for me anymore. Anyone else?

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Skyuser said:
The ni-cache proxy for UTV is not working for me anymore. Anyone else?

its dead in the water for some time now, shame

byte Registered User

Yeah, a massive loss

long_b Registered User

Ah crap - just got around to trying it now


My exchange is being enabled next year and NICACHE would be handy

jocko4 Registered User

Yes you can do it from any ISP, just follow these instructions:

Essentially, it involves using a Firefox add-on "FoxyProxy" to reroute the traffic through a UK proxy - all the details are there - it works fine - watched the full Welsh V France rugby game the other night because I missed in on Friday. Only two or three pauses in the whole transmission (on a 3Mb DSl line) and it was in high def - you could see the pores on Chaval's face (oh the horror!)

Edit: I will accept applause & thank yous in a brown paper bag please - just PM me for the drop off point! Oh, did I forget to say I was an FF'er and am still on the make - ask any of my buddies - the developers or the bankers?

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