okidoki987 Registered User

Ireland v Brazil Wed 6th Feb k.o. 7.45pm
Ireland V Serbia Sat 24th May k.o. tbc.

I have an allocation for these 2 matches which I will not be able to use all of.
Tickets are in the Hogan Lower.

I will sell part of my allocation on the following basis only if anybody is interested.
You must buy a ticket(s) for both matches.
Tickets are sold at face value only which is €55 each, so that's
€110 per ticket for both matches.
Deposit (cash, bank transfer or cheques only) of €25 per ticket payable up front and then €60 when Brazil tickets are issued, balance of €25 payable in May when the Serbia tickets are issued.
If anybody needs any references etc no problems, have dealt with many people on here and adverts.
Tickets must be ordered by 11th January so if anybody is interested I will need payment by 9th January.

The people that take tickets for these matches will have first choice if I have any available for
futrure World Cup Qualifers etc.

djfattony2000 Registered User

Ill take 3 sets thanks.

okidoki987 Registered User

Okay that's grand.

kensutz Registered User

If that falls through I'll take them

okidoki987 Registered User

I actually have 12 (out of a total of 20) available.

kensutz Registered User

I'll take 2 sets off you if that's ok.

okidoki987 Registered User

That's fine.
Just have to have it all done by the 11th.

kensutz Registered User

No probs, as soon as you want anything sorted just send me a pm and I'll organise everything for you.

kaizersoze1980 Registered User

Ill take 2 for each match mate

Nunu Registered User

What will the face value be for the qualifiers, €55?

For the last campaign it was €50 and €70....so just wondering if there has been an increase?

homerjay2005 Registered User

ill take what ever is left, i have 4 or 5 mates looking for them. let me know if you still need to get rid of a few

okidoki987 Registered User

I have 5 left homerjay2005.
If it's 5 that will be the lot.
Let me know how many you need.

Everybodys tickets will be together.

kensutz Registered User

If there is 2 spare from anyone dropping out I'll take them, people got wind of me getting tickets and want to go.

okidoki987 Registered User

Will do kensutz.

A P Registered User

If you have two spares left, could you let me know please? Cheers

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