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My British passport expires in February. I got it from the British Embassy in Dublin ten years ago and I've just checked their website and to renew it is €176 (plus €6 to return passport by registered post).

I'm currently in the UK (my Mum lives here) and to renew a passport within the UK is £72 (or approx €98).

Two questions...

Why is there such a huge difference in price?
Can I apply for a passport here in the UK even though my address is in Ireland? (my current passport has no address on it, not sure about ones these days).



I don't know why it costs more from the Dublin embassy - but they do process the new one much quicker in Dublin than the UK Passport Office.

Your address doesn't appear on your passport - so you can just get your new one sent to your mum's address.

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Thanks for your reply. I won't need it urgently then so I'll get it from the UK.

Many thanks!

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