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Howdy lads, just have a quick question. I'm insured tpft under my own policy with quinn-direct on my car, i've a full licence. So i was just wondering am i covered tpft to drive another persons car with their consent? I know this applies to fully comprehensive cover but was curious to know if it applies to tpft aswel. Thanks guys

JohnCleary Registered User

Ring them to make certain, do NOT rely on what anyone on an internet forum tells you

Avns1s Registered User

Check your policy document. Usually though, where it is included, driving other cars gives only 3rd party cover unless otherwise specified.

Henry Ford III Registered User

JohnCleary said:
Ring them to make certain, do NOT rely on what anyone on an internet forum tells you

Sound advice. The extent of, and limitations to, your cover will also be listed on your policy document.


AFAIK, you need to have fully comp wit them to get covered TP on others cars. Check your doc's tho

Seperate Registered User

Once you have a full license, all policies have third party extension (comp & tpft).

I am 100% certain. It will be in your policy booklet.

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does it not have something to do with theyre insurance policy aswell though?

yeh ring them and get them to send out any info in writing insurance companies are tricky bas*ards or so my dad says
howiya p-nut

Cookie_Monster Registered User

I have TPFT with Quinn also and am insursed 3rd party on other peoples cars (with their permission of course). Also have a full licence. I would suggest that your policy is probably the same but as others had said check it out first and don't rely 100% on the replies here.

vengeance52 Registered User

From Quinn Handbook

"Driving other cars
If your certificate of insurance says so, we will also cover you, the
policyholder, for your liability to other people while you are driving
any other privately owned motor car which you do not own or
have not hired under a hire-purchase or lease agreement, as long
1 the vehicle is not owned by your employer or hired to them
under a hire-purchase or lease agreement;
2 you currently hold a full European Union (EU) licence;
3 the use of the vehicle is covered on the certificate of
4 cover is not provided by any other insurance;
5 you have the owner’s permission to drive the vehicle;
6 the vehicle is in a roadworthy condition; and
7 you still have your vehicle and it has not been damaged
beyond cost-effective repair.
This extension applies while being driven within the territorial
limits and only to private passenger vehicles. It does not include:
• vans;
• car-vans;
• jeep-type vehicles with no seats in the back; or
• vans adapted to carry passengers."

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