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Hi all

If you're from the Drogheda area, and over a certian age you'll probably
remember the Boxing Club.

There is a great bebo site for all things 80's in Drogheda, centered around
the Boxing Club.

There are plenty of hilarous pics being uploaded of they young
boynesiders from the decade that fashion forgot.

See if you spot anyone you know!

Dingatron Registered User

Wow my wife was a regular there wait til she sees this! Thanks for the link barneysplash.

Irjudge1 Registered User

What an excellent site. Jesus, Drogheda really embraced the 80's.

Was in the boxing club once maybe twice before it closed. I was 16 maybe 17 at the time. Recognise a few faces though.

Dingatron Registered User

Had a good look at it last night. What an era! Wasn't my scene but it still brings back some happy memories. Still a good few of the heads knocking around the town albeit with less hair.

sudzs Registered User

Ohmigod!!!! Spent half the day going through all those photos! So many familiar names and faces!

And the bands!!!

Great stuff!

barneysplash Registered User

Thought I'd better update this thread, as the site has moved to Facebook:

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