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How long should I boil a 4-5lb ham for. Am thinking 30min per lb ? Is this about right. Cheers in advance J.

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30 min per lb + 30 mins is my cooking time. I also steep it in cold water overnight before cooking.

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Can I just give a tip for the nicest boiled ham EVER - boil it in cider - trust me
Got that from my sister-in-law a few years ago, wouldn't do it any other way now.

I usually do it for 25mins lb + 25 mins - mmmmmmmmmm honest

Orion My karma just ran over your dogma

seems like an awful waste of good alcohol. Eating's cheating you know

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You don't have to use expensive cider, use the cheap stuff you WOULDN'T drink haha - don't knock it till you try it I have my bottle of cheap cider on the ready

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Jaysus I'd say that stinks up the place.


coke it in coke a cola its so much nicer

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I'm gonna try the cider and apple juice trick...sounds yum..

Just wondering, when you all say boil it for x amount of time, do you mean pour cider into a big pot with ham and bring to the boil then simmer for 1.5 hours?
Do you simmer it or keep it on a low boil?

First timer here and I really wanna make it right!

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