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does anyone know where to buy or how to make the stuffing thats served in the Pub carverys ? Ive often been out for Sunday dinner and the stuffing they serve with the chicken dish is gorgeous. I have asked the chef to tell me and he wont lol !! Ive tried the usual boxed Paxo stuff and thats not the one . As im brutal at making any sort of stuffing, i'd like to surprise the folks and serve it with the xmas dinner. Any suggestions ?

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Hey Rosie,

Probably not what you get in the carvery - but this is nicer - I promise! I offer you my 30 day money back guarantee!!

I posted this a bit earlier today - you will love it

Now the stuffing - I favour a sausage meat stuffing mysef, and to be honest i don't think you can beat Superquinn's sausage meat. You will need 1lb of this. You will also need an onion, some garlic, some parsley (flat leaf if possible, about 15g or 1 tbsp), some sage (twice as much sage as parsley) and about 30g of Breadcrumbs. (If you want breadcrumbs, either make them or ask at your local bakery - I get mine from the bakery). You will also need salt and peopper to taste. If you like, you can add a tbsp of olive oil, but it is purely optional. Mix all the above ingredients together, roll into little balls, and cook for aroun d 30 mins, until the sausuage is cooked. You can easily cook these stuffing balls a few days in advance and either heat them in the oven for about 20 mins on Christmas day, or whack them in the microwave for a couple of minutes.

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Thanks Good intentions

that sounds so yummmy !... i think i'll do a trial run at the weekend. hmmm thinking about superquinn sausages is making me hungry but im miles away from a superquinn right now. thanks again

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The secret of the pub carvery stuffing is butter. Heres a nice stuffing though.

Heat a tablespoon of oil and add a ounce of butter to it. Chop an onion and a clove of garlic very finely and add it the pan at low/medium heat. Fry on that heat for about 10-15 minutes or until the onions have become knida see through and white (i.e. you dont brown them). Take stale white bread (has to be stale for stuffing) and whizz it to crumbs in food mixer,add mixed herbs (a small amount), a good pinch of salt, a good pinch of black pepper and a small pinch of sugar (brown if possible). Add to the hot pan but make sure heat is turned off and mix thoroughly.

Three ways to serve
1) Just put in middle of bird (for a moist stuffing).
2) Put in tinfoil in oven (dry, crispy stuffing)
3) Add an egg (or half an egg depending on amount of stuffing) for pork steak to keep it bound so it does not fall apart.

Eat and say mmmmm

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