Pighead sucks at stalking

Dudess said:
sounds like her erogenous zones are getting a right good seeing-to.

Beautiful Dudess. Absolutely beautiful.

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GhostInTheRuins Registered User

David Norris. No-one else even comes close.

Pigman II Banned

D.T. Jesus said:
David Norris. No-one else even comes close.

I could listen to that flaming Senator all day. He's quite fabulous.

GhostInTheRuins Registered User

Pigman II said:
I could listen to that flaming Senator all day. He's quite fabulous.

That's disgusting.


tbh said:
congrats on the 4k, and on working them in without labouring it (too much).

edit: i see my congratulations mean nothing. NOTHING. Well, sly off to your REAL mates then.

Sorry, sorry tbh, I just ran off to make a cuppa. Aw, thank you, that's so lovely of you. I shall treasure that post forever!

Pigman II said:
Thing is I always imagine that's what your voice is like tho.

"ooohh 4,000 posts. That's SOOOO big."

Cheers Piggie for the most flattering picture you have of me in your head.
Pighead said:
Beautiful Dudess. Absolutely beautiful.

Cheers the other Piggie. This is proving to be quite an emotional day for me...

Thank you all so much for the past two and a half years, guys. Here's to my 5,000th! May the next 1,000 posts bring much joy, tears and arguments with Sonnenblumen (happy Christmas, ya old meanie!


sweetie said:
very similar to the one I've heard of where Gerry Ryan (i think) was doing a bit on where people would like to be buried. One bloke rings and and Gerry asks him where he would like to be buried and gets the response "up to me balls in Bibi Baskin." Could be an urban legend tho

I heard it they were talking about what they thought heaven would be like. The guy started off talking about golf, and your man said "do you know where I'd like to be buried?". Oh and it wasn't balls, it was b0llocks

Timothy Bryce Registered User

Nobody seems to have mentioned the worst offenders of them all: Spin 103.8 - The majority of the DJ's on Spin make me want to throw the radio out the window....Jonathan McRea, Steve K, those two tw@ts on the Zoo Crew....

Really starting to detest Matt Cooper quite a bit too - he's got nothing good to say about anyone/anything...especially when he has that eejit Neil Francis talking about the rugby.

The usual suspects have always been Adrian Kennedy & Jeremy Dixon - best example of Lowest Common Denominator radio

Sam Vimes Registered User

i'm surprised no one has mentioned moncrief. i don't hate his voice but its very distinctive so you'd think someone would hate it. the gf does.


Yeah, Moncrieff does bug me.


Moicheal Mock Mollen is definately the King of Idiot voices. Emma MockNomora on the business news is a close second followed closely by Anthony "Tony Fenton" Fagan's mid atlantic twang.


Oh yes, Emma McNamara - she really hurts my ears.

pd101 Registered User

Matt Cooper drives me nuts, cant bare listening to him.

FavouriteSlave Registered User

The girl who does the ad for Dundrum Town Centre and currently, Lyyyyyyrath Estate.
Her voice and accent are incredibly irritating.

Red Hand Registered User

Taxi driver's favourite Joe Duffy. Its not really the accent just the insufferable whining twinge to his voice.

Mike... Registered User

Moncrieff I hate the ****er...annoying gob****e

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