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Just wondering, for those of you who know, is there any point to obtaining these qualifications?

Got a cousin who has trained in beauty therapy in Australia and wants to work in the UK and Ireland as a beauty therapist.

I've noticed that many jobs advertised say "CIDESCO etc or equivalent" whereas some prefer experience over qualification.

I would have thought a government accredited two year beauty therapy diploma would be an equivalent (which is what my cousin has) and yet she's been told that the above add ons are a requirement in Ireland.

I have never heard of this.

Would love to hear opinions on this.



Hi Im qualified in all three and a registered ITEC and CIBTAC teacher so I can probally help.
In Ireland you need at least one of these qualifications to work as a beauty therapist. You dont need all three but it is an advantage to have all three when you are applying for jobs.
You can do a private course that will qualify you in all three in a year, they usually cost €5,000 to €6,000, thats not including exam fees or books.
You can also do a 48 week full time course with FAS in ITEC, the advantage of this is you dont have to pay and you get a training allowance, which is the same amount as the dole, while your training.
There is also a range of night courses in all of these, but again they are private so they usually cost around €2,500.
If your friend already has some type of qualification then she could easily get a place on these courses.
CIDESCO is one of the best qualifications to have and is recognised worldwide, so if she is going to be travelling alot this would probally be the best one to do, but it is also the hardest one to get.
Pm if you want anymore details regarding courses ect.

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In Australia, these qualifications are not recognised by the Australian framework as the Diploma here requires further type of study and is competency based.

Surely with the Diploma she already has would mean an examination of some sort rather than do the entire course again?
She's not a citizen so she wouldn't be eligible for the dole (but is eligible for a working visa).


She will definitely need to get one of those diplomas to work in Ireland, wether she can just sit the ITEC exams without doing the course i dont know. Each course has different modules, so her previous course might noit be enough to get her through her exmas. The course also involves projects and case studies that you need to do to pass your exams.
I had a student last year in the same position as your friend, she was fully qualified in her home country but couldn't work in Ireland even though she was a beauty therapist for years, she just had to do the full course again.
She would probally get a job with her experience but it is wether she would be able to get insured without these diplomas is the thing.
You could email ITEC at info@itecworld.co.uk and see if they could give you some more info, they will be able to tell you how she could go about gaining accreditation in Ireland.
I'll try get more info for you if i can.


Oh one more thing, there are about 8-10 ITEC colleges in Australia so maybe she could contact one of them they might be able to help her more as they would know what qualification she has already.
There website is www.itecworld.co.uk, you will find a list of colleges in australia.

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I've just been advised by the Irish Beauty Practitioners Board that an Australian Diploma is recognised as being a stand alone qualification and, as such, a foreign qualification (ITEC/CIBTAC/CIDESCO) is not required in order for her to work and be insured to work in Ireland. This is a relief as the CIDESCO exams only run once a year and only at a few colleges who choose to run the exam which costs $$$$.

I appreciate the links you've given me, Lezizi, but I'd like to point out that they're not ITEC colleges as such, only colleges that run the ITEC examination. While they may be recognised in Europe, Australia does not recognise the Swiss or British qualifications (NVQ3 or 4/ITEC/CIBTAC) on their own and you will see that these colleges run 'dual diplomas' or they will allow the student to sit for an exam after they complete their Australian qualification.

However, for other countries I can see why a CIDESCO/CIBTAC/ITEC qual would be worthwhile though.

Now all she has to do is wind her way around a visa. Phew!

Thanks everyone for your input - much appreciated!

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itec and cibtac are only recognised in the uk and ieland. Cidesco is a worldwide qualification and is seen as a prestigious diploma
When people have the cidesco diploma they re seen as highly qualified therapists.

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