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I've bought a Land Rover in the U.K. via ebay (bought dependant on checking it over that is). I've arranged the money and have made the necessary travel aplans and today rang my insurers, Quinn Direct. This is where things get tricky. I told the girl I'd bought a Land Rover and that I intended to take it over on the ferry on Sunday. I asked if my policy covered me to drive it oor would I have to change my policy over. She said my third party extension covered me as long as the vehicle was MOT'd and taxed. The Land Rover is MOT'd but has no tax for the past couple of months. I told her this and she said that it must be taxed for me to be covered. The problem is that the guy I'm buying it off will not have a chance to tax it and also you cannot write off months that the car is untaxed like over here. Therefore, even if the guy could tax it, it would have to be for 6 months + back taxes. As this is my problem, I'd have to stump up for the costs (probably nearly €300). Besides, the guy won't be able to do it as he's away till Saturday. (maybe online, but that'll still cost me money). I really don't want to tax it as I'll be re-registering it on Monday, so it's money down the drain.
I've looked at companies like Norwich Union who do short term insurance, but they only do it for U.K. residents and nobody seems to offer that service here. Besides, they might not insure it untaxed either.
I've only got a couple of days to sort this and I'm at my wits end. Some people have told me to wing it and hope nothing happens but I don't want to take the chance. What the hell am I going to do?

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I wouldnd drive any vehicle in england that is not taxed, they will catch you far too easily. Ever watch road wars on sky one? Although im not sure of the consequences of being irish and getting caught over there.

How far is the vehicle from the ferry? I think your only option is to get it towed or delivered to the ferry? Might even work out cheaper than tax + insurance.

BTW: Quinn direct told me I was insured in anything not registered in my name in the UK and Ireland. The girl on the phone wasnt being very specific, so asked them to send me a letter of all the terms and conditions and all the vehicles I was and was not insured in. I was put on hold for 10 minutes while she spoke to supervisor. In the end she came back and said I was insured in anything not registered in my name. I asked her about 5 different scenarios, no tax, no nct, high powered car like a skyline, she had the same answer for each question (along with getting thicker each time), "anything not registered in my name"

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The Land Rover is 15 miles from Holyhead. I know there's still a risk, but being Irish and taking the jeep out of the country, they might let it pass. They can't give me points, so maybe at worst a fine?
I'm going to ring Quinn Direct again tomorrow and hopefully get a different person and play dumb and ask again. If I hear what I want, I'll write down the name of the person and the time I called at and maybe for a fax confirming things, but if they're very explicit about me being covered (as in that's the norm) name and time will do.
Thanks for the reply. Any suggestions welcome.

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ring them, play dumb, dont even mention the tax (unless they ask) and see what they say. I have often found 10 different opinions going around while ringing quinn, if you dont like what they say the first time, call back.

Worst case scenario I think the english coppers would fine you, but if its only 15 miles from holyhead... they might let you off. talk nice and assure them you are insured by showing them your current policy.
personally i'd risk myself, 15 minutes on the road if you know where your going.

I drove around holyhead for about an hour or two when i bought my car there, on the same basis as you, except the previous owner took the tax disc to reclaim the tax. technically it was taxed, just no disk. same insruance as you though.

Just thought of something, if they have gatsos or speed cameras/tax scanners over there, the reg might be scanned and fine mailed out to the current owner. why doesnt he put it SORN?

Safest option, pay the £100 to get it towed to the docks i suppose

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i think to put it SORN, it should've been done when it was first off the road. They won't back date it.
Are the Gatso's set up to do this? If so, do they scan every plate, or just the ones speeding?
It shouldn't be a problem getting around Anglesey as I have a Garmin with full Version9 Euro maps. I'd like to think I could play dumb enough and be ever so friendly to the cops (including stunned face when questioned). I even like rugby I more worried about the insurance. I'll be back on to Quinn in the morning. And at lunch. And late afternoon. And the evening. Whatever it takes

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You can temporarily sub your insurance to any car for up to 8 weeks per anumn for free as far as I know.
I doubt it would be a condition that you have to have tax on your car in order to be covered for liability. I'd sub it over and there's no way they would get away with not paying a third party claim if you had an accident.

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Drive the car back; worst you will possibly get is a fine. Even at that if you explain your situation and show them your ferry tickets should you get stopped they will almost certainly let you away.

I drove a car back from London a few months ago - I just rang quinn up and they took the UK reg, I just had to ring them back once it was registered in Ireland and give them the new reg number.

Car didnt have tax either and I didnt get stopped or anything. Don't worry about it!

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