Lola123 Registered User

"please *burp* let me buy you a drink, I'll *stagger* score you if you *burp* let me get you a drink...please?"

azezil Hosted Moderator

lol, at least you get chat up lines, guys come up to me and just start feeling me up! :S

Crumble Froo Registered User

i tend to get none of the above... haha, actually, even when single... neither

feylya Moderator

"You'll do"

Crumble Froo Registered User

that'll do pig... that'll do..
*pat breast*

Tree Moderator

personal fav:
if i could be any biological molecule i'd be a dna helicase, so i could unzip your genes/jeans


metrovelvet said:
I like the way you talk to the baby. It makes me want to be a little boy again.

-Said to my 57 year old mother while she was holding her grandson.

Ha. Thats creepy. at first I thought your Mam said it to her grandson.
Now I read it properly and it's still creepy. Does the Man like to dress up in nappies?

Crumble Froo Registered User

haha, i thought that one was creepy, but kinda fantastic at the same time.

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