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Hi I am trying to install an existing standalone installation into a network installation. I have changed the default paths from within the program to point to network path (d:\sage\apexdata). But the problem is that the existing customers still are pointing to c:\sage\apexdata. Is there a way to change existing customers to point to the right path. I remember a few years back I had to change the paths in an ini file but cant remember the name of it. If anyone has anyone knowledge of setting up Sage accounts production (Apex) pleae let me know what I am doing wrong. I have ran the netsetup but its different that netsetup in Line50.

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not an ini file?

Look for a file called company or company.<something>

It may need changed on Network AND local Sage install.
It can have multiple lines for multiple Sage data files.

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Oh God... prepare for heartache!
You need to go around each client machine and manually edit the records to point to each account... apex is horrible this way. I spent two days doing this at an accountants when i put in a server.

watty, he is talking about accounts production (used to be apex). Unlike line 50 you cant just edit a company file to point everyone to the new location.

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Jesus!!! Do I go into Clients and edit the the DataSet because in there the default directory is greyed out. I am testing this now before I install so I can afford to mess around abit.

Saruman Registered User

I cant remember now if i just had to edit each dataset, or add new ones and delete the local ones.
The problem for me was each PC had a local copy of sage. Each one had hundreds of datasets. To make matters more complicated, they used to copy their datasets with disk to other PC's so some of the computers had the same dataset but only one would be up to date.. it was a nightmare... that was their fault though not the software... however there was no way to just make a change and have it work for all datasets because each dataset was in a different folder etc. I got this right from sage when i called them.

So it all had to be done manually.

watty Registered User

You have my sympathy.

I was indeed thinking of Line50, which has such a bad API that I wrote my own Wrapper class to hide it. I haven't had to do any Sage stuff for 4 years

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