Raekwon Registered User

After seeing a good few clothing recommendation threads in this forum I was just wondering what sort of gear are you guys & girls going to be wearing this season on the slopes?

I'll get the ball rolling..........

Snowboard Gear:

(You can add the price and location of where you bought your stuff for the benefit of other posters).

Board: I don't own one, I rent one out at the resorts - Usually around €70 for one week.

Jacket: Section MFM (10,000gm/mm) - €160 in Tk Maxx

Pants: Burton Shift Cargo (5,000gm/mm) - €60 online + Airwalk Cargo (5,000gm/mm) - €30 on eBay

Boots: DC Sith - €80 in Slovakia (end of season sale)

Goggles: Spy Optic Blizzards - €40 in Austria (end of season sale)

Gloves: Burton (gore-tex) - €45 online + Section (40gm thinsulate) - €30 Tk Maxx

I don't thinks it is necessary to add hats, socks, underwear etc but if you have anything that you found good and could recommend to other people then please add it.

paulharte Registered User

by any chance is that section one yellow with an embroidered-style "s" on the front?I think I saw it in tk maxx... if so, you is a gangsta!!!!

Static M.e. Registered User

Snowboard Gear:

Board: Travis Rice Pro MTX 157 07/08 & Rome Agent 158" 04/05

Bindings: Burton Missions 07

Jacket: QuickSilver (Something)

Pants: QuickSilver (Something)

Boots: DC Judges with BOA laces

Goggles: Anon birds of prey & Oakley A Frame

Gloves: Dakine & Burton

Protection: Dainese Impact Shorts & Helmet

bonkey Administrator

Skis: Völkl RaceTiger Slalom-Carvers

Boots: Salomon Verse (Cabriolet)

Jacket: No-name from Carrefour

Pants: No-name, from some Swiss clothing chain

Eyewear: Bollé prescription sunglasses

Gloves: No-name, from sport-section in Migros (Swiss supermarket chain).

Helmet: (to be purchased shortly): Giro something.

Don1 Registered User

BoardWall 180 with freeride bindings

Boots: Solomon something or other

Jacket: Quicksilver Zion

Pants: None!!!!!! Ah no, sold my Dare2be. Getting Quiksilver ones to match the jacket

Goggles: Oakley A-frame toast or Oakley hatchet sunglasses for really bright days

Gloves: Black Dare2be ones

Hat Generic wooly variety!!

Helmet Giro flak

Curran Registered User

Snowboard Gear:

Board: Burton Bullet 159 ('06/'07)

Bindings: Burton Custom X '06

Boots: Burton Moto

Jacket & Pants: QuickSilver (Something) - Beige and Brown - TX Max €200

Goggles: Oakley Half-frame's shades - and a cheap pair of googles for when it snows

Gloves: Burton - with wrist guards

Hat: Quiksilver Beanie

Heading to Livingo on the 19th of Jan and cant wait to get Shreddin again

mcgratheoin Registered User

Ski Gear

Skis - Elan Twin-tips

Boots - Scarpa Denali

Jacket - Helly Hansen something - not sure of the actual model

Gloves - Black Diamond

Trousers - no idea what they are - except that they have a big rip that I patch with duct tape! result of an encounter with some rocks, an ice waterfall, and a tree - in that order

Goggles - Scott something or other

Hat - many different ones. Peruvian beanie with chin strap thingies/Mammut beanie/Spider web pattern beanie

edit: also BCA alpine trekkers and Black Diamond skins for those hard to reach off-piste spots.

edmund_f Registered User

Snowboard Gear:

Board: Burton Custom 158

Bindings: Ride LX

Boots: ?? - part of original Ebay set got last year

Jacket & Pants: Trespass

Gloves: Trespass

Helmet G10 audio

Imposter Registered User

Ski gear:
Skis: Head carvers - This'll be the 4th season on them. can't rememeber the model. In surprisingly good condition seeing how much use they've got.

Boots Technica - this is the 5th season with them. Well worn in

Jacket: Columbia - bought in Dublin but is quite ok

Pants: I think they are trespass but not sure - bought cheaply in Austria.

Goggles: Cheap Uvex yellow tint goggles - only worn when conditions are really bad.
Sunglasses: Bolle with interchangable lenses. The clear lense is great for Toboggoning

Gloves: Some Cheapo but high spec gloves from a coffee shop in Austria. Need a new pair though but can't find anything decent (or anywhere near as good) under 50€+.

Helmet:Thinking about one!

I also have one of those thermal half-poloneck type things from elvery's and a lightweight Böffler fleece. Best buy last year was a face guard that cost 3€ from the same coffee shop as above. Along with the hat it's basically like wearing a balaclava.

justdoit Registered User

Love talkin' about this stuff!!!

Board: Option Signature 157

Bindings: Burton Mission

Boots: Burton Ruler

Jacket: NFA (taupe) (clothing brand of Option)

Pants: Burton Ronin Cargo (plaid)/ Analog (brown)

Gloves: Burton Ronin

Goggles: Von Zipper Sizzle (Electric Pink- you will not miss me!)

Hat: anything with a bobble this season!

Protection: Dainese spine protector

Raekwon Registered User

by any chance is that section one yellow with an embroidered-style "s" on the front?I think I saw it in tk maxx... if so, you is a gangsta!!!!

LOL Hell no! I don't think I would be brave enough to wear something that loud.

This is the jacket I got (below) although the one I bought is solid black. It’s very functional and extremely warm.

paddyb Registered User

Snowboard Gear:

Board: Lib Tech Travis Rice 161.5 and my first board(Option GT wide 157)
Blue Tomato €475

Bindings: Burton Cartels
eBay €115

Boots: 32 TM Two
BLVD €280

Jacket & Pants: Sessions Jacket, Section Pants (dunno the make of them, got them in a sale in the US)
€200 for both

Goggles: Adidas Robin
€40 on eBay

Gloves: Cheap pair I got in Canada

Helmet: K2 Ultra
€60 in Canada

paulharte Registered User

I wasn't going to post in this, but now I'm bored, so here goes!

Boards: Capita unothodox 158 and jeenyus eddie wall 153

Bindings: Burton custom brew and Technine team 1's

Boots: Vans BFB

Jacket: Special Blend aldus and o'neill down jacket

Pants: Scott cargo

Goggles: Dragon DX and DXS

Helmet: Red trace

Neilthefunkee1 Registered User

Boards: Burton Cruzer 160 with Burton Misson bindings
Rome Solution 156 with Burton Cartels bindings.

Boots: Burton Moto's

Jacket: Quicksilver utility

Pants: Burton Cargo pants, tan.

Gloves: Dakine something or others and a pair of Sections i got in TK

Protection: Dakine Wristpads and Red Trace

I dont love burton i just seem to always get their stuff!!

oh curran.. im headin away to livigno that day too...

Spetzcong Registered User

Snowboard Gear:

Board: Bataleon Goliath 158 (season before last's model)

Bindings: Rome Targa (last seasons)

Jacket: Westbeach Phenom 2 Jacket

Pants: Westbeach Classic Series Cargo Pants

Boots: 32 Lashed (last seasons in flashy white)

Goggles: Von Zipper Camo-print not sure of the model

Gloves: Level 2 with built in wrist protection or Grenade leather pipegloves

Lid: Bad leutenant

Protection: Dainesse Impact Shorts, Dainesse Spine Protector, Dainesse Knee Pads.

Incidentally, Columbia sportswear are hooking all of Kiltiernan's snowboard instructors up with brand new uniforms from their Titanium range, I've not gotten to try mine on yet, it's off getting SCI and the likes embroidered on it, but I'll let yuz know what they're like when I get mine, they looked pretty snazzy when we first got delivery of 'em, and you can't argue with free gear. Free fleece, hat, gloves and everything thrown in, Dendex is finally paying it's dues

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