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Does anyone know if you definitely need your passport when you've checked in on line...? Im flying next weekend from shannon to dublin on saturday morning & back sunday evening, ive planned to check in online but i need to send my passport away to get it renewed & had planned to do that also this week but i wouldn't have it back on time. I know they talk about accepting driving licences as ID if you're flying to the UK or within Ireland, but that section is only on the general "ID requirements" section of the website, for the online check in they specify passport or National ID card. So i guess i wondered had anyone travelled within Ireland using the online check in and not used their passport as their ID? i could wait to send my passport after i come back but im going travelling in the new year so if i could avoid waiting i would prefer that. any advice?

Lisapeep Registered User

Well the most you would need when you actually check in on the internet would be your passport number, which you could jot down before you send your passport away. I don't know what you would need to show in the airport!

BuffyBot Administrator

I'm pretty sure you need the passport to use online check-in, as Ireland doesn't have National ID cards as of yet.


You need your passport to check in online. You need to present your passport along with the boarding pass you printed for yourself when boarding.

If you don't you won't be allowed to board.

John R Registered User

You definitely need your passport to use the online check-in, if you want to use your driving licence you will have to use the check-in desks.

There is no point trying to chance it with Ryanair, if you don't comply with their rules they will just refuse boarding.

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