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Welcome to the Photography forum.

What this forum is for
Asking questions about photography, cameras, lenses, asking for comments and critique on photo's, talking about photography related matters, etc etc...

We welcome debates on photography, and viewpoints from people from all levels of experience.

Feel Free to
Post up your photos

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Also please see the Basic Manners on the forum thread for further info.

LoLth Special

Comments regarding moderator decisions are more than welcome but should be made via PM to the moderators and/or the category mod or be posted to the Feedback or Helpdesk Forums.

Personal differences regarding the contents of this forum or any of it's threads should be discussed over PM.

Moderators and Category moderators will be required to enforce these rules and a warning may or may not be given at the moderator's discretion.

posts that contravene these rules will be deleted and threads locked. repeat offenders will be banned on a temporary basis. Flagrant disregard will result in perma ban from the photography and possibly the entire Arts cateogry.

thanking you in advance


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