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andy2die4 said:
would'nt it be great to see yourself in the reflection

I can !
well my fingers and camera anyway
good enough for me anyway

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The origins of this thread goes back to something I posted. Since then I've uploaded a lot of GAA-related videos to my YouTube account. I've put a lot up this year. Here is a link to the playlist:

My GAA video playlist.

I've also many photos from GAA fixtures that I've taken on a site I created which you can see here:

My GAA Gallery.

There are some great photos in that site, but this is one of my favourites. It is a sort of iconic and classic photo, with so much in it. Tyrone have just scored a point. The flag is being waved right in the middle of the photo. Mickey Harte and Peter Canavan are walking along the sideline.

Both the video playlist and the photo website are regularly updated, so keep a look in on them every so often.

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After winning our first Championship in 27 years, and first Junior Championship in 32 years! I'm the keeper.


Ireland versus Scotland (Hurling/Shinty) Under 21 International.

Good match.

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I was walking with Conor, my son down by Pairc Ui Coaimh late summer and was allowed into the stadium to have a wander around.
I have posted some photos on my photography website. Link here

I know it’s an old stadium but I was amazed at how basic the changing rooms

I'll be posting up the 2nd batch of photos soon, will post a link as well.

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some more photos from Pairc Ui Chaoimh, link

These photos some an empty stadium and shows the patterns and colours on the stand and terrace, which is normally hidden/covered by fans

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Shamelessly stolen from YLYL

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(Invalid youtube)

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would it be appropriate to post gaa highlights and documetaries that i have uploaded to here or to start a new thread? i have uploaded fairly regularly throughout the season:

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Photos are in a post on my website with some info about it- here

Making a hurley by (Patrick Dinneen), on Flickr

Making a hurley by (Patrick Dinneen), on Flickr

Making a hurley by (Patrick Dinneen), on Flickr

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Patrick Bonner Maher takes on Limerick:

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Stolen from Facebooks "GAA Banter Page" this evening.

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I got a beautiful view of Bernard Brogan's first goal against Louth.

This whole thread goes back to some stuff I posted. I've an awful lot online since then, and more will go up (especially as Dublin progress this year).

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