dunkamania Registered User

Anyone care to recomend a physio for knee treatments.
My sister went to a UCD physio,but he told her that was nothing wrong,despite the fact that her leg has been buckling from under her all day

cowzerp Registered User

Your probably better off asking on the fitness forum and saying where your sisters based, then people can help you easier!

eoghan.geraghty Registered User

I went to Dublin Spine and Sports Clinic in Heytesbury St. this week.


I specifically asked for someone with good exp with knee injuries.
The physio, Anne i think, was really good and I'd recommend her.

Makikomi Registered User

Can the OP let us know how the sister gets on?.

I've spent a small fortune over the year's on physio on my knee's without much success.

Oh and like the OP's sis I've been told countless times there's nothing wrong with my knee's!. This is despite the fact I can barely bend from the knee's most days now, and sometimes in horrible pain just getting in and out of a car.

FX Meister Registered User

How much did it cost Eoghan? I've spent a good bit of money on crap physios here in Ireland down throught the years. Bad knees from combination of running and rock climging falls and one of them is giving me a bit of and ache at work now. Don't know how some sparks work without any knee pads at all.

eoghan.geraghty Registered User

think it was 60 euro, more than the going rate but I'd sooner pay more for a good physio.
As yours sounds like a chronic problem rather than an acute one ( like mine ) you may find it harder to diagnose.
I know what you mean about the kneepads

Dave McConkey Registered User

Just to throw in my 2 cents, since my knee surgery I've been doing physio in The Beacon Clinic in Sandyford and The Sports Surgery Clinic in Santry. I would very much recommend both.

Although coming from a sport angle I would lean towards the Sports Surgery Clinic (John Maguire was the physio treating me). I've gone from being told there's no chance of me doing sports again to looking at getting back to some degree in the summer, so I can't recommend them enough.

I think The Beacon is 55euro (not sure) and The Sports Surgery Clinic is 50 per session

Mhmm...weetabix Registered User

Sports clinic in Santry is a fantastic setup. I'd defo recommend them. Lynne Weir out in Baldoyle near SBGn is also really good. Alternatively there's a couple of good Osteopaths around, Patrick Lane in Malahide/Blackrock (I think) on different days is class & can do more for musculo skeletal conditions then a Physio can. When you say her leg is buckling is it after she locks her leg out? Is she getting a popping or grinding feeling anywhere in the joint?

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