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Airsoft forum Charter

This forum is for the discussion of airsoft related subjects, including techniques, equipment and events. Discussion of current events is also within the scope of the forum, though the scope for such discussion is restricted to the airsoft-related aspects of those events only.

Forum Rules:

* DO NOT DISCUSS ANYTHING ILLEGAL. (If you are unsure about legality, PM a mod)
- The wearing of Irish DPM pattern gear while not on duty, or any other clothing and equipment issued by the Irish Defence Forces is illegal under the Defence Act 1954 and it's subsequent amendments.
- Shooting small animals with an Airsoft gun, or even a licensed airgun, is Illegal, anyone posting about such will be banned.

*There will be no discussion of skirmishing on land other than approved airsoft/paintball sites. It is extremely stupid and dangerous. People who do this put our whole sport at risk.

* There will be no discussion of airsoft greater than 1 joule.

- There will be no discussion on the importation or upgrade of airsoft to over 1 joule.
- If you are posting from a country which has different laws concerning airsoft, you are still subject to this rule as boards.ie is an Irish website.
Offenders will be either warned or banned. Dependant on the severity.

* There will be no discussion of firearms. As airsoft devices are based on their real steel counterparts, some threads may veer this way. However, try and keep it to a minimum. It is in the best interest of our sports to try and distance ourselves from firearms as much as we can.

* While it is unclear of the leaglity of using lasers on airsoft devices discusssion of it is allowed here with the understanding that actually doing so may be illegal. Only lasers that meet the following criteria are legal in Ireland:

- lasers of less than 5 milli Watts
- in the light frequencies of 630 to 680nm

Which means that all Blue and Green lasers (which are out side of light frequencies of 630 to 680nm) are illeagle and should not be discussed here.

*There will be no discussion of the importation or use of mountable Night Vision Scopes. They are classified under Irish law as a "component parts to a firearm" and are illegal to own unlicensed.

* Do not use terms such as Airgun, Pellet gun or anything which refers to a firearm or weapon. They are not the same thing. Repeat offense will result in a temporary ban. Continued use may result in longer bans or outright permanent bans.

* There is to be no discussion of home made pyrotechnic devices or smoke grenades, how to make them, or the ingredients necessary, repeat offenders will be banned.

* Discussion of the Waffen SS and other such nazi-era groups is a sensitive subject, discussion regarding this topic is allowed only if it is a relevant topic and a proper discussion.
- If someone posts a thread on this topic which you find offensive, do not reply to it or start a debate on the matter, if it does not suit your personal taste then ignore it, if it is in breach of the charter, then please use the report post button so that a mod can respond to it.
- There is to be no further debate on the matter of whether or not SS discussion is allowed, the debate took place in this thread and the decision has been made by the moderators.
- With regard to SS and similar uniforms, there is to be no discussion of insignia or where to buy insignia, in particular the SS lightning bolts, swastika's or any other nazi insignia

* In relation to paintball; Please use the term 'Paintball markers' and not 'Paintball Guns'.

Posting rules:


* No flaming, trolling or personal abuse. By anyone. First offense will result in a temporary ban. Subsequent offenses may result in longer bans or outright permanent bans. Posts containing offensive material will be edited by the moderators.

* If you have a problem with a post, use the "Report Bad Post" link (it's marked on the left side of each post with a symbol) to report it to the moderators. Do not take it on yourself to regulate the forum.

* If you have a problem with an action of the moderators, PM them or take it up on the Admin forum.

* Spamming. Posts that are nonsensical will be deleted.

* Replies should try to be on-topic. Although we understand that the nature of life is that threads will drift off-topic; and that off-topic replies can be of even more interest than the original topic; moderators may split threads off if the thread diverges too far from the original topic.

* No text speak, there are more then 160 characters available here so there is no reason to use it.

* Please try to watch spelling and grammer as well as using paragraphs. There aren't any bonus points for it, but simple things like this make it a lot easier to read posts.

* Please refrain from using all CAPITAL LETTERS, this is the Internet equivalent of shouting and can make posts difficult to read.

Retailer Rules:

To users associated with any business or commercial entity who wish to make an announcement on their behalf -

Free advertising is not allowed on boards.ie. People who wish to post for this reason alone will be banned.

However, allowances can be made for certain announcements which are being posted to enlighten the community.

-The correct procedure is to contact a moderator who will review your announcement. Not doing so will be seen as an attempt at shilling and your thread will be locked and your access removed.

- If it is deemed acceptable, the moderator in question will post it on your behalf.

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As soon as a review is written the thread will be locked to keep it clean and spam free. If at a later date the poster wishes to add more information, PM a mod to have it reopened.

Each review can have it's own separate discussion thread alongside it in this forum.

For example;

We 1911 review (Locked)
We 1911 discussion (Open)

Please follow this rule. If you see a review hasn't been locked yet, resist the urge to press reply. It just ends up making more work for moderators.

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Just as a note aswell, if the review thread hasn't been locked and you want to reply, feel free to post a discussion thread if there isn't one already instead of posting in the review thread itself

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