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I don't normally shop in supervalu as none near me. However recently I was there and was given a bundle of stickers for the getaway break collector card. Basically you need 47 stickers ( 3 free) to avail of these breaks.

I checked their website out of curioisity and not expecting much but the usual 2 to 3 star. Well these breaks include both Radisson and Marriott hotels which are pretty good and never a bargain. I've stayed in the Farnham estate Radisson in Cavan twice and can highly recommend it ( if only for the outdoor infinity pool.)

With the 50 stickers you can book a 2 night weekend or 3 night midweek stay in for example a radisson ( limerick, cavan and sligo) and a range of other 4 star hotels for €109 per person sharing. So €218 for a 2 or 3 night stay and this rate includes breakfast each day and dinner on one evening

Another point to note ( if you don't shop in Supervalu) is that this offer runs until Dec 2008 and if you ask nicely you can normally get enough stickers for the card in one trip. I was in Supervalu on Aston quay today and they gave me 30 stickers for €20 worth of shopping

What say you... Bargain?

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