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Hi, I have a usb memory stick with all my coursework on it but everytime i put it into the computer and try to open it in my computer a box comes up saying "Your memory stick has not been formatted." If i click format now will all my work be lost?? If i click the no option, i can't access my files.

Can anyone help me!!

Thanks in advance

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can you not click no and still access the files. anyways if you cant try it on another computer and if it opens the files move your files temporarily to that computer and then just right click on the memory stick icon and format it and paste back again and it should work fine me thinks

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Thanks for the reply, I have just tried that but had the same result I noticed aswell that the memory stick really overheated! Would I be able to bring it somewhere to get the info taken off it maybe??

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You can, but it'll cost you. Have you not got a backup of the coursework anywhere else?!

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sdonn_1 said:
Have you not got a backup of the coursework anywhere else?!

How long have computers been around and how long have people not been backing up their work. Maby I'm wrong but is it not the lamest excuse ever !

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u cud try any pc shop(not pc world but one of them back street customer orientated personal ones) they might be able to help...how old is your memory stick by the way?
you know when you are in my computer can you just right click on your usb icon and click copy and paste it somewhere and see if that works or does your usb stick even show up in my computer??

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If you format the pen drive using Windows you will lose everything but more importantly the drive will not work for sure. There are special utilities for formatting pen drives because windows format will screw it up for sure.

HP do a great little App for formatting Pen Drives but they have stopped hosting it. You can still get it form these links:

Download ( As HP stopped hosting it )
- http://www.megaupload.com/?d=89C1UB3E
- http://rapidshare.de/files/18004567/usb_format.exe.html
- http://www.filefactory.com/?425baa
- http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/iPodLinux/SP27213.exe
- http://www.winx.mtservers.net/SP27213.exe
- http://h1.ripway.com/magician13134/DriveKey.zip

You should also have a look here:

And here:

Good Luck!


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