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Wondering where best place to go in dublin for an anti eyebrow piercing is?? Dont want to get it done wrong and have it reject and end up with a scar on my face.

want it horizontally under my eye not on the actual eyebrow....hopefully be getting it done within next few weeks if i get my new job that allows piercings

jenizzle Hosted Moderator

Ah, my favourite piercing eveeer!

I got mine done in Celestial Ring/ Wildcat in Stephens Green. Can't remember the dude's name but he has an american accent methinks??

Just make sure you get a reeeally good piercer, as these f*ckers have such a high rejection rate and need looking after... could also be down to my body not liking surface piercings either, but placement is so important. Mine lasted about 4 months before I had to take it out, it just started rejecting and I couldn't stop it so had to let it go and I'm now showing a pretty awesome battlescar Thinking of getting it done again, either under the scar tissue that has formed, or by using micodermals.

Crumble Froo Registered User

i can't recommend anyone higher than steve in snakebite on abbey street... particularly if you live in dublin, as he (and presumably the rest of the studio) offer the best aftercare you could possibly ask for, he'll invite you back in a couple of weeks (or whatever time period is most suited) so he can see how it's going,a nd suggest how you can modify treatment etc based on that. i happened on him by chance when my mate was getting her nose done, and i couldnt help but trust him completely with doing my nape (which is still healing up well ).


borderlinepsycho: itl help so much if your facial structure is suited to the piercing. if it isnt theres no point even trying to get it done, decent piercer will know straight off.

jenizzle: probably patric, black hair,double labret one underneath the other. huge stretched lobes. microdermals are the way to go, your face will bruise though a lot in that area.

bordrlinepsycho Registered User

thanks alot might go into celestial or snakebite celestial anyway cos they did my tattoo and i love it also got some piercings there to...and thankfully my body takes well to them and never had a problem and heal pretty fast

jenizzle Hosted Moderator

Wilburt said:
microdermals are the way to go, your face will bruise though a lot in that area.

Yup, I got a li'l bit of a black eye for a few days, nothing major though. My body heals really well, too well really as it just pushes out surface piercings (which bodes well for stuff I don't want there but not for surface piercings). My eyebrow, sternum and anti-eyebrow all rejected


those piercings are pretty prone to rejection as it is, hopefully next time theyl stay


I think anti-eyebrows have the potential to look really nice... vertical bridges too.

I'm too scared of getting rejection scars on my face to try out either though

jenizzle Hosted Moderator

depends how ye scar in general anyway. I wear glasses so ye can't see the anti-eyebrow scar too much. I have been doing massages with vitamin E oil to loosen up the scar tissue so hopefully I'll only be left with two li'l dents until I decide whether to get it pierced again or not.

I absolutely adore surface piercings, and think that micro dermals and dermal anchors are the way to go, just a pity they're so expensive here


€60 is way cheap! I was in France for the past year and a guy was charging €100 per microdermal!!!

jenizzle Hosted Moderator

Wilburt said:
€60 is way cheap! I was in France for the past year and a guy was charging €100 per microdermal!!!

Depends where ye go though, they range from €60 up to €120... not good!

I think I'm going to get them done when I go to Berlin on holidays, less chance of having them knocked out by my drunken antics!


Berlin is very expensive for body jewellery and I've heard it's pretty much the same for piercings! It's worse than Ireland apparently.

Purple Person Registered User

Just a quick note, I'm a piercer in Wildcat celestial ring sao you may think I'm biased but I wouldn't advise anyone to fly with a fresh surface piercing. Plus if anything goes wrong you can't just nip down the road to go and see the person who did it.

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