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hi..just wondering if anyone applied to the garda reserve,and if so,how did they get on.???

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wex Registered User

given that most of the chatter about the reserve force on boards has been "curtain twitching busy bodies", I doubt that anyone would actually admit to being a member.
Saying that a mate of mine is a member of the pilot scheme, and all is going well, as usuall the press reports are over exagerated, she has had no problems other than getting the time to fit in the training, which is far from the 48 hours published and banded about by the gra.

iandromiskin Registered User

I'd love to know the anwer to that question too, but I presume the lack of posts is because few people hear are in the reserve or are full time Garda. I'am not a Garda by the way, but I did put my name in the hat when the recruitment started last year. I have now gotton notification of interviews in my area (Louth/Meath) and I have to decide what to do next. I may well fail at any of the hurdles, but I might give it a go. We'll see. I've also read a lot of either neutral or negative comments further on this board site, but it must be remembered the reserve is new and should at least be given a chance to prove itself.

But has anyone applied for the reseres and been throught the interview, exam etc ? I would love to know what its like and what kind of things they ask. Do you have to emphasis your charity or community envolvement ? Do they show you a video of a dramitised crime and you have to detail from memory what you say ? What is the physical exam like ??? All these things.

I'am 34 and I wear glasses, but within the limits. But I'd love to know what is involved in not only the interview, but the training. The last post mentioned that the training is much longer that the specified hours, and this I can believe. But does anyone have any insight or advice for someone thinking of going for the interview ?? Positive feedback please, no 'don't do it' kind of posts please.

Ian in Louth.

Bren1609 Registered User

Anyone out there in the reserves? I'm in the process of signing up. Any thoughts?


Bren with that nickanme im guessing your RDF?

69sparkie69 Awaiting Email Confirmation

how do you mean signing up..??? have you been accepted..??

69sparkie69 Awaiting Email Confirmation

hi wex..
why dont you get your female friend to give us an update on the reserve`s..
re; how`s the full time are treat them,interviews,etc.. it would be great to hear from someone in it..

Bren1609 Registered User

Ok here it is step by step.

I applied by phone in Sep 06. They sent me out an application for which i completed and returned.
(Oct 06) A few weeks later I was called for an interview and a written exam. The interview was about 1/2 hour and I was interviewed by a public servant and a Superintendent of some sort. The interview was along the theme of "challenges" and "what would you bring to the Gardai", "Why do you want to join the reserve", "would you or have you ever considered joining the full time Gardai", alot about challenges in your own job and what type of challenges have you encountered and how u overcame those challenges. They also asked about any other community involvement and volunteer work.

(Nov 06) I was then sent an e-mail with a form GR2 (background check) which takes ages to fill out. You have to give the details of all your family members including aunties & uncles. You also have to give your PPS number and all the addresses where you lived and all previous employment details aswell as 2 written references.

(Dec 06) They send you a medical cert asking about illnesses and any allergies. You also have to make an appointment to go for a medical in HQ in phoenix park. This will take up a full morning. The medical is very straight forward, if you're in an shape at all you'll pass. They check eyes, ears, heart, urine, blood pressure, weight, height and then they grab your balls and say cough (seriously).

(Jan 07) I was called in for another interview in the local Garda station with the Sergeant. It's more of an informal chat "ever in trouble with the gards" ask about friends family etc. He just tries to get a feel for what type of person you are.

Jan 07 Called in for another interview with the superintendent, not as informal as previous interview but throws a few tricky questions at you "what would you do if u felt a Garda wasn't acting appropriately and what procedures would you follow"?

Feb 07 I got a call from HR to say that I can expect to b called up in early March 07

However, as of today I have not received any formal notification that I have been accepted.

Steyr, what does RDF mean?

Fyr.Fytr Registered User

RDF = Reserve Defence Forces

Steyr guessed you were in RDF as the Bren gun is a support weapon they use

wex Registered User


Were you given any indication where you would be stationed, I posted a thread the other day in the wrong forum asking the question, so dont know if the thread will be closed. A friend of mine is a Reserve, she was on the pilot scheme. I think 50 recruits are now in station training at the moment, and a further 50 going to templemore in march.
There doesnt seem to be a lack of recruits, but a lack of room in templemore to train them, given the size of phases of regular student Guards. the thread I posted is "Garda Reserve Stations", I posted it on "News & Media", muppet.

Bren1609 Registered User

No, havn't been offucially accepted as of yet.


RDF = Reserve Defence Forces

Steyr guessed you were in RDF as the Bren gun is a support weapon they use

Correct but the Bren is gone and has been replaced by the GPMG and 0.5 HMG.

iandromiskin Registered User

"If you're in an shape at all you'll pass. They check eyes, ears, heart, urine, blood pressure, weight, height and then they grab your balls and say cough (seriously)."

Hi, I have an interview tomorrow believe it or not (Tuesday 20th). When you say in good shape, do 34 years old men with a bit of a beer gut count ??? Not a big one now, just your average mid thirties belly.


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Bren1609 Registered User

Good shape as in, If you can run you'll be fine.

69sparkie69 Awaiting Email Confirmation

hi bren
just wondering,do you have to do a physical test..??? like what the regular guards have to do..???

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