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hello, im new to the site; but i was reading about the girl who wanted to know about the PGCE's in UK v's Ireland etc. I'm actually a third year student in a BA (QTS) with geography degree in Liverpool Hope University; due to graduate in July. I am doing the CCRS module and due to finish this then too...I also got a C2 in Honours Irish LC. I thought i would have to do my NQT year in the UK and then think about coming back...I would love to come back to Cork; where my heart is, but my boyfriend also doing same course is not keen because he has never done Irish in his life and not prepared to do SCG course. Is it possible for him to get a full time teaching post without Irish?! He specialises in Geography also; therefore able to swap with some teachers who are not keen to study geography for that part of the day? Any comments?

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Perhaps I just don't understand your post but are you training to be a Geography teacher or a Primary School teacher?

I don't think Secondary teachers need Irish unless they are Irish teachers. If you have achieved QTS as a secondary teacher in the UK, you can gain recognition in Ireland under EU agreements as a Secondary teacher.

If the QTS is primary then that's another issue.

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hi i'm very interested in doing the pgce in either england or wales next sept so i need to apply by end of nov start of dec but i don't know very much about it all!!the web site isn't very clear to me.i've a degree in early childhood care and education and i've worked for 4 years as a special needs assistant and am currently employed as an unqualified resource teacher so the pgce is definitely the course for it the middle years section i go for and do i choose a subject to specialise in?what are the fees (approx)?which colleges give the grant?i know it's not all about the money but i'm getting married in july and as a newly wed the purse strings will be tight!!!as i live near dun laoghaire in dublin it would be great to study in wales of somewhere in england that i could get the hss boat and drive over and back to every now and then.please could someone help me to being this process as i would love to get into one of my top coices. many thanks ash x

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I must have not read the thread title properly there... sorry.

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anniec86 said:
therefore able to swap with some teachers who are not keen to study geography for that part of the day?

Can't see that working. Even if it was allowed, Irish takes up an awful lot more of the school day than Geography. Add in that Irish is a part and parcel of most primary schools. Things like "sit down" "open your books" all in irish, even if it's not a Gaelscoil. sorry, can't see any principal taking on the hassle.

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